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  1. Hi friends, I got my PR today... sub class 100 granted... I am so so so happy . Special thanks to Aussie_83 for so much help. Good luck to all
  2. That's true that in most cases they say that it's under the average processing times. Actually in our case we got mail from the Brisbane office so I thought that it's the concerned officr which exclusively handles 100 / 801 cases
  3. Its 131881 Visa 100/801 cases are handled by Brisbane office. This is the email of Brisnane office qld.pp.processing@homeaffairs.gov.au Good luck
  4. I would also recommend you to call them as ask them politely about your application. If yours is 100 then the Brisbane office will process your application. Thanks
  5. Hi Nilo, Yes the status has changed to further assessment. But I have a feeling that the status change is done by computer system and not by a case officer. It changed the very next day we provided the AFP.
  6. Hi Cltxclt, I guess the department should be contacting you soon for further documents such as a police clearance. Our timeline is pretty much same as yours. We were requested for police clearance last month.
  7. Hi friends, There are so many topics on the forum so I thought to start a new one exclusively for permanent partners visas. Kindly post your queries here Cheers
  8. Wow over 60 attachments are really good. I am not sure why they are taking so much time to pick up your application.
  9. Niloo, after you submitted your 100 application how many attachments did you upload?
  10. Niloo, when we submitted our application then the status was 'received'. But last week we were asked for AFP NPC and the status has changed to 'initial assessment'
  11. Thanks Aussie for your valuable reply.. we will get 888s done as soon as possible.
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