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  1. I submitted my file from Canada in May 2017. I came to Australia in tourist visa in late July 2017. Since then I am waiting for TR visa -309. I have heard that wait time is even longer now and can take more than a year to get Temporary residence. Its so annoying to sit idle here as I can't work on visitor visa. I am thinking of returning back to Canada now and start looking for work again. I left my well settled job there before leaving for Aus thinking that I will get my TR visa soon enough but dont think its happening soon ..
  2. hello guys, I am Canadian Permanent Resident but still holding Indian passport. So I have to go for paper based visitor visa. I called the embassy office in Canada about what type of docs should I send along with my application - certified or normal color photocopies. She told me that a clear photocopies should be fine and no need to provide certified documents. However, when I was filling form 1419, and reached section - document checklist - it says that - a certified copy of the identity page (showing photo and personal details) of a valid passport and other pages which provide evidence of travel to any other countries So i am confused now. what should I do? kindly suggest. thanks
  3. hello guys, I have applied for Partner visa few days ago and since it's gonna take a while, I am planning to apply for tourist visa now. Can anyone let me know how should I get Letter of invitation from my husband? Is it okay if he sends that letter as an attachment to in an email to me or he should send me via courier . Please share your thoughts anything you wish to suggest on the this letter. I have to apply through a paper based application as I am holding Indian passport living in Canada and not eligible to submit online application. And when they say that I have to submit application in person , does it mean that I have to go to their visa office or I can just send my paper application through mail to their Ottawa office? As far as medical examination is concerned, Can I mention the details of the recent medical examination done for the partner visa (HAP ID) etc or I have to go through another medical exam again for tourist visa? please advise. thanks
  4. Hi, I am working on visa application so that I can join my husband in Australia. I am living in Canada and Permanent Resident here, Can anyone tell me, do I need to get each and every document certified ?? Thanks.
  5. hello everyone! I recently joined this forum and I am gathering details to apply for a partner visa. I got married a month ago in India. My question is about certified documents. Since most of my documents - birth certificate, marriage certificate, educations documents etc. are issued in India. I immigrated to Canada 1 year ago and since then working full time. I can show my Canadian salary slips. The question arises - Do I need to certify my Indian origin documents In Canada (I am currently living in Canada) or those can be certified in India as well. What are the documents that I need to certify In Canada. Do I need to get a certified copy of Permanent Resident card as well? I am going for a short trip to India soon so if some documents can be attested from there, I can proceed ahead and will get it done from there. Kindly suggest. Also, in Canada from where should I get the documents certified for visa purpose if any Canadian on this forum can suggest please. I don`t believe educational documents are required, please suggest. thank you
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