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  1. Hi, I have already lodged EOI for Visa 189/190. I am claiming 5 points for my partner's skill as her nominated occupation is same as mine. We are already done with skill assessment. She has total 4.5 years of work experience at present. But due to some long working hours, she desperately wants to leave her present job. Also we are blessed with a new born and therefore she does not get a chance to prepare for next job. If she will leave the job, I am afraid if I will be able to claim the partner's point after that. Please suggest me is it possible to still claim the point even if partner is unemployed at the time of Invite but have a positive skill assessment?
  2. grovervishal591

    Police clearance for child under 1 year

    Hi , I am waiting for the invitation for visa 189. My total points is 70. So i have two questions: 1. Should I complete my police clearance certificate (PCC) and medical now, or wait for the invite to come. 2. Is PCC is required for my 8 months old child? I have his passport with me
  3. grovervishal591

    Eoi Submition During Wife's Pregnancy

    Hi All, Me and my wife are planning for Australian Permanent Visa (Visa 189). We both have given IELTS. So I am done with my ACS assessment.. and just need to fill my EOI.. Bt there are couple of things.. for which i need some clarification.. Actually my wife's ACS assessment is in progress and she is expected too .. her 7th month is going on. So these are two options I have 1. As we are expecting our child by 2-3 months.. So should we wait till then, get his/her passport ready and then submit the complete EOI ? 2. As soon as my wife's ACS assessment is done. I can claim points for that in my EOI. So I can file my EOI after that. But this way our child will not be included in the application. We will need to do paper work again when he/she arrive. So is this option is time and money consuming or difficult ? Or is this smooth and same money will be charged as first option ?
  4. grovervishal591

    Transcripts For Visa 189

    Thanks AussieDude.
  5. Hi, I am applying for Visa 189 (skilled immigration). I am post graduate having bachelors and masters degree in computer science stream from two different universities. My question is : do I need to have transcripts of bachelors as well as masters while applying for visa or transcripts of masters will be fine ? Thanks in advance.