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  1. Welcome to the community mate. Glad to found your post here. I recently left my job because my boss don't want to increase my salary. Now I am looking for another job. However, I am expecting a job near to Jamaica right now. Because I have spent over 4 years there. So I know that place well. And found a job site which will help me to find out a specific job http://jobsinjamaica.io/Now I would like to know how will I apply for a job visa now? Thank you!
  2. That's real pleasure. I even can't describe that situation I feel.
  3. I also faced the same situation. But an online visa processing website has helped me a lot to solve this issue. If you would like to try you can take a look here https://www.gcmsnow.com
  4. I also would like to know about this info. Will wait for more updates.
  5. I also don't have better idea about this. But I would like to know that you are now allowed to carry your luggage there?
  6. I don't think you can. You should apply for another visa.
  7. JosephB


    I am also a newbie here. Thanks!
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