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  1. Wow $580. Thats expensive. I just worked out what my wife paid in the Philippines $200. Thats quite a difference If i remember correctly you are from the Philippines. Just pay in Philippine Pesos at the Physicians. They only accept cash. Current cost is P7,750
  2. Translate Have all non-English documents translated into English. Translators in Australia must be accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. Translators outside Australia do not have to be accredited. But on each translation, they must include their: full name address and telephone number qualifications and experience in the language they are translating These details must be in English. Note: You do not need to have any documents certified.
  3. Dont stress too much about it. ATM there is nothing illegal about doing what you want to do. 1000,s do it every year. But yes, do not tell immigration that is the plan, they can and sometimes do, refuse entry. Technically speaking, a Visitor Visa (tourist) is just that, a visa to enter and do touristy things, its not designed to be used as a precursor for another visa. But theres no law that says you cant. Enjoy the loophole while you can
  4. Ive been seeing and hearing this kind of letter a bit more frequently recently. Yes, an S56 is a request for more information which they generally give you the items they need. ie birth certificate, police check etc etc. But they seem to sending this type of S56 out lately. To me, it looks like your app is getting close to being looked at so they send this out to make sure you have everything uploaded that you should. My wife has an old S56 that ive kept in our records and it doesn't have most of what you have in yours. It was only 2 pages Like i said, i would just double check your app to make sure everything is uploaded that you need
  5. 2nd one. The sponsor is not an applicant
  6. I would upload anything on that list that you haven't already.There is plenty of specifics in that list
  7. Whoever called you is wrong. You do not have to get married in Australia. But you do have to provide some proof that your wedding is booked etc
  8. Many people on temp visas have that problem. Some just apply for simple jobs that bring in some money even though they are probably way over qualified then wait till they get permanent to apply for jobs they are more suited to. Or just keep trying
  9. If a replacement for a full birth certificate can be ordered, i would just do that. Just having an extract of one will probably cause you unnecessary problems. To be honest it seems easier doing that than all the other things really. I have a feeling Immi would probably ask for a full one anyway
  10. Yes you receive a grant notice just the same as you would've for the 300. Check VEVO. It will tell you all you need to know
  11. Yeah we waited until our bubs was about 3 months old before we applied for his passport. The photo was quite easy then. My brother is having a hell of a time trying to get CbD for his baby in the Philippines. It doesn't help that the Philippines is quite notorious for its "red tape" in absolute everything
  12. In some countries you need to do a lot more than just register. Some even require a DNA test
  13. Print out the confirmation of application lodgement email. My wife also printed out the latest VEVO and obviously take in your passport. I think we also took in our lease agreement which showed both our names on it but thats not important. They still took a copy of it for their records
  14. Sign and date it. No need for it to be witnessed. My wife and i actually forgot to sign ours, it was dated but no signature. But i would recommend signing it
  15. SUHI is correct. The relationship statement doesn't need to be witnessed.
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