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  1. I would give them what they requested
  2. If she has earnt money from shares, interest in joint account etc she will. If you receive any benefits from the govt they also like a tax return from her to make sure of your combined income for benefits purposes If she hasn't earnt anything at all under her name then no
  3. You are eligible to apply for the 801 24 months after applying for the 820 So that would make it 15th November 2021 when you are eligible
  4. If you dont do the medical as requested they will just refuse the visa, so its in your best interest to do it
  5. If you're applying for a spouse visa then you have a spouse for taxation purposes. It wouldn't be in your favour to be single to the tax department while applying for a Partner Visa
  6. No for both questions
  7. If she is pregnant she wont be able to do the compulsory medical until giving birth. Why wouldn't you apply for Citizen by Descent for your child.
  8. I recommend seeing a Migration Agent to see if there are any options for you. I dont think you will find anyone on here with any history or experience with the type of visa you're asking about
  9. The name of the person who married you. Celebrant, priest etc etc
  10. https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/immediate-family-australian-citizen-or-permanent-resident This page has all the info for you.
  11. She can leave but will have to apply for an exemption to come back
  12. 1. Best you upload ASAP. You do realise that if a CO looked at your application now and there is no evidence uploaded they will refuse your visa 2 You include evidence from the beginning of your relationship until today. 3 There is no limit of 1 document per category 4 The timeline for your visa is on your immiaccount and can change month to month. The 820 is not a PR. You will need to be granted 820 then at the 2 year mark of applying for 820/801 you can apply for 801
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