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  1. Most offshore visas have been put on hold or at the very least, the processing of them has slowed down considerably. I would wait for a request to do the medicals
  2. Getting 4 months will be ok. Who knows what the border restrictions will be like in the future
  3. They will decide no if you dont suppy any evidence. A bridging visa will only come into effect once your current visa expires. Once you have applied for an onshore partner visa its in your best interest to upload your evidence as soon as you can
  4. A-N Migration Services is an Australian migration consultancy based in Adelaide, South Australia.In Australia:27 Hanson RoadWoodville North, South Australia 5012Tel: (+61)883477009Website: www.anmss.com In Vietnam:383 Nguyen Trong Tuyen StreetWard 2 Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh CityMob: 0908 667345 25 offices on here: https://www.mia.org.au/find-an-agent/search/?command=getresults&LocationRadius=10&Filter::OverseasOfficeLocations3::SelectOne=Vietnam&Filter::OptInToBeIncludedInThePublicDirectoryOnTheMIAWebsite2::SelectOne=91 They seem to be Australian firms with offices in Vietnam
  5. What visa have you applied for? If Partner visa then yes.
  6. I believe an onshore 600 requires a medical. Unless you have a very good reason for refusing it they more than likely wont waive it and would probably lead to a refusal. There have been repat flights back to Manila and there are international flights out of Aus so they can still refuse these visas
  7. Yeah it really doesn't matter under which category you upload things. Just upload them once. But make sure they are clearly marked as to what they are
  8. You can't. They have suspended applications while the travel restrictions are in force The exemption is for those that already have a valid visa to enter Australia. If you don't currently have a visa you will have to wait until Australia opens its borders
  9. https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/coming-australia I want to apply for a visa You should reconsider your need to apply for an Australian visa at this time and check this page regularly for updates on travel restrictions and visa processing. Visa processing arrangements The Department is prioritising processing visa applications for those travellers in the exempt categories to support urgent travel. We encourage applicants to apply online wherever possible, as these applications will be processed faster than those lodged on paper. You will not be able to apply for an ETA online while the travel restrictions are in place.
  10. Its because those that have applied for a PMV are obviously not married or in long term defacto relationships. They are not classed as family. Some have only met them once for a couple weeks then applied. From what im hearing and reading the exemptions are very hit and miss You can apply for an extension to the entry date once you are within a couple weeks of that date I highly doubt our international borders will open anytime this year so that might be your only option
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