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  1. SammyJ

    Health requirements and declaration

  2. SammyJ

    80 Form

  3. Hello Sammy,

    I am applying for a Partner visa and I wasn't sure about below question. 

    Previous relationships

    Has the applicant been in any previous relationships with persons other than the sponsor? 


    I used to live in Europe and needed to extend the visa. My-ex helped me to get a resident permit visa for a year and I stayed in Europe with that visa for just 3 months more. I left Europe and back to my country. In this case, should I check  "Yes" even though I never had visa for Australia? 


    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks for everything. 


  4. SammyJ

    Previous Relationship Registration

    Once you log in and you're on your applications page click "new application" top left hand corner. Then click "Family" Then "Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia (300,309/100,820/801)"
  5. SammyJ

    Previous Relationship Registration

    First things first You dont fill out the 40sp form anymore. The sponsor form is an online version on your immi account Secondly The previous relationship question has nothing to do sponsoring: its just asking about any previous committed relationships So even if you have filled out and uploaded the 40sp form you will still need to do the online version
  6. I can't and wont complain. My wifes PMV300 and 820 visas were granted in 2 months and 4 months respectively Perhaps its got more to do with incomplete and under prepared applications. Its all well and good to whinge and whine that its taking so long but some applications that are lodged are no where near complete or the evidence is severely lacking. Getting a partner visa for Australia is a privilege not a right. Some people seem to forget that
  7. SammyJ

    PMV from the Philippines

    Without getting your hopes up its possible that a decision is near. In saying that some people have waited many months after a request for more documents
  8. SammyJ

    Form 40sp

    At the moment the sponsorship application has no fee but there is a big possibility that may change soon. If you haven't already lodged your PMV 300 i would do so asap
  9. SammyJ

    Residential Address Clarification

    Current residential address is the address where you currently live at time of application. If you move, let Immi know your new address
  10. SammyJ

    Front Loaded Partner Visas Approved Faster?

    We did both health and police checks front loaded for both the PMV 300 (Lodged late 2017) and the 820 ( Lodged July 2018). The PMV 300 was granted in 2 months and the 820 in 5 months. Might not work for everyone but it did for us. Applicant from the Philippines Edit: I just want to add that our applications were very thorough and we had known each other for 3 years before applying for the PMV 300
  11. No, you can't switch an offshore visa to an onshore. The only way to do it is apply again for the onshore but that means paying another $7+k You can, however, come in on an ETA while waiting for your offshore visa. Immi will notify you when the grant is near for you to leave Oz. The offshore visa can only be granted while your offshore
  12. SammyJ

    80 FORM

    Yes x2
  13. SammyJ

    Form 40sp

    B: these forms were once the actual application forms, but you no longer need to do as the now online applications.
  14. SammyJ

    Form 40sp

    47sp = Online application for Partner Visa PMV 300, 820/801, 309/100 40sp = Online Sponsor application for Partner Visas Since July 2018 Partner Visa applications are all online and they don't accept the paper versions of those forms
  15. SammyJ

    Form 40sp

    Your sponsor needs to do the online sponsor application. Submit your sponsorship form and documents online, after the applicant has applied for the visa and given you their Transaction Reference Number (TRN). You can apply using: your prospective spouse's ImmiAccount or your own ImmiAccount. You can create your own ImmiAccount if you don't have one When you are in ImmiAccount select Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia (300, 309/100, 820/801).