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  1. It’s good that you got subclass 309 approved in the first go. In some cases, it might happen that you get direct approval for . So, there is no need to worry about. If you still want to get more clarification, you can get in touch with the immigration experts who can guide you better with the process.
  2. Any of your eligible relative can sponsor you under 491 visa, provided Australia regional area must be comes under designated regional territory. Except Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane regional areas, you are eligible to get sponsorship from other Australia territory. Besides this, you can get also get nomination from designated regional territory. Australia 491 visa follows a point based system under which you are expected to score a minimum 65 points out of 100. Once you get sponsorship or nomination, you will be awarded with additional 15 points. Under Family sponsorship, you need to get sponsorship from one of eligible relative who are currently living in designated regional area of Australia. If you are unable to migrate through Australia 491 visa, you can also go for other general skilled migration visa. Hope, this Helps!
  3. No, it does not make any differences if you submit your EOI right now and wait until your wife gets proficient IELTS score. You can afterward update your EOI once your wife gets proficient IELTS score, i.e., 7 bands in each module in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Moreover, if you submit your EOI first and if your occupation is under pro rata occupations, you will have higher chances. The main thing is that you must be eligible to submit EOI and if you want to update any positive changes, you can do in your submitted EOI.
  4. Of course, yes, your student visa is now ready and you can proceed further to fly to Australia. It may be Australia has updated its system that’ why you have received these messages. Otherwise, you are all set to go to Australia. Through gaining Student visa, you have good opportunity to study for eligible study programs in Australia. Additionally, you are eligible to bring your family members through student visa.
  5. Well, yes, you can do commercial cookery certificate diploma from Australia. However, it will greatly impact on getting your student visa. Also, your case seems as complicated one as you want to change your stream from microbiology to Commercial cookery. Furthermore, you might attain lesser points on part of your education for holding study visa. If you want to get a brief insight in this regard, you can contact any immigration consultant. Points on the Education factor will be allotted by gaining higher degree. Thus, you may face some difficulty while getting student visa.
  6. You can opt for any pathway which suits you the most. For every visa, there are different pros which you can enjoy by holding that particular Australian visa. Start with Skilled Independent 189 visa, you need to satisfy its current point test as well as fulfill other necessary eligibility criteria. To be eligible for 189 visa, a minimum 65 immigration points out of 100 are required to achieve on Australia point assessment grid that undertake key selection factors such as your age, education, work experience, English language proficiency scores and other pertinent factors. As of now, candidates got ITA with scoring at least 85-90 immigration points. For partner visa, if you are living in Australia or onshore applicant, then Subclass 820 partner visa is convenient for you. Also, you must prove that you have genuine relationship with your partner for attaining 820 temporary partner visa. On the other hand, subclass 801 visa grants you the opportunity to live and work with your partner on a permanent basis. Regardless to these visas, if you are offshore applicant or living out of Australia, then you can go for temporary Subclass 309 partner visa. Holding 309 visa is the first step towards gaining permanent partner Subclass 100 visa. Hope, this helps you!
  7. Yes, if you go from Australia Family Sponsorship program, then no IELTS and work experience is required. You can easily get Australian PR by following through certain key eligibility requirements and paying required amount of fee. On the other side, if you want to get state nomination through Australia General Skilled migration program, sufficient IELTS bands and minimum 3 years of Work experience is needed. It is necessary to satisfy point test along with meeting English language proficiency test scores. For IELTS, at least 7 bands are required to score in each four modules of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Scoring higher bands will allot you higher points on Australia point assessment grid.
  8. Yes, you can claim points for both Visa 189 and 190 visa, provided you need to meet any of required conditions. Moreover, you can get 10 points if you and your partner are able to fulfill all requirements that if partner is aged under 45 years, partner is having competent in English, if partner is an applicant of same subclass visa as yours and partner nominated skilled occupation along with obtaining positive skill assessment. There is also other condition to claim for 10 points and that is either you don’t have spouse/ de facto partner or partner is an Australian permanent resident or citizens.
  9. Yes, bridge visa helps you to temporary stay in Australia till the next visa is granted.
  10. If your partner visa is rejected their might be different reason for the same. Although you have provided the police Clarence certificate but still they must be lacking of some other requirements. You can appeal for the same but can not change their decision.
  11. The Australia immigration Department announced its monthly EOI SkillSelect round results on 11th December 2019 under the General skilled migration program for Skilled independent visa (Subclass 189) and Skilled work Regional visa (Subclass 491)-family sponsored. A total number of 250 invitations were issued under the Subclass 189 and for the regional (Subclass 491) visa, it was around 200. Those candidates who scored a minimum 95 immigration points out of 100 in both of these Subclass visa, they can apply for Australia permanent residency. Read 19decnews.docx
  12. You must have complete submission of application from correctly, a minor mistake could one of the reason for the rejection of your visa
  13. Yes you should updated you visa status, so not to have problems in future
  14. If your visa is granted, get ready to fly to Australia. You are successful in your Australian immigration process.
  15. Hi, It's very tough to score good score in IELTS and PTE, can anyone get Australia PR without IELTS or PTE?
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