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  1. Thanks! It is definitely a relief. I have only ever called the general query line on the website. The first few times I called through was because my visa wait time had passed the 75% time on the website, so they agreed to look into my visa. They weren't very helpful, just said no one had started processing it yet. I probably did that 3-4 times prior to getting asked for more information. I don't think they sped up the process at all. I usually called while I was at work and just put the phone aside until I got through. Most I have waited was about 40 minutes, but that might have to do with being in Western Australia and having different hours.
  2. Hi all, Just an update on my situation. I applied in April 2017 and while processing, applied and received two Bridging B visas. On 12 March 2019, I was requested for my national police clearance, an updated copy of my passport (as it had expired in November) and recent proof of my relationship. I had not previously provided and was not asked for a health check. I mailed my documents back to them by express post which arrived on 26th March. Since not hearing anything, I rang to see if they had received my package on the 15th April, and they said my file showed the documents were still outstanding and to call back again in a week or so. I rang again on the 26th April and I received the same response, but this time she informed me I could email the documents through (not sure why I didn't see that earlier). I emailed through the documents the morning of the 29th of April informing them of my wait time with the mailed documents and received my visa by the end of the day. Total wait time was 2 years, 11 days.
  3. Up until a couple of months ago, I checked my emails several times a day to see if my visa had arrived, and now I think I would be super shocked if it did. I am one week off my 15 month mark. Applied onshore April 2017.
  4. That's interesting you were able to get the restriction lifted! I did the same thing in December and it was denied saying I need to prove financial hardship. I was just granted a briding b visa (for travel mid april) so i don't believe my visa is nearing the top of the list.
  5. I'm in Perth. I'm on a bridging visa currently with work restrictions (From a working holiday visa) and paying a ton of tax so I hope that's not the case.
  6. I'm still waiting on my application to be processed. Haven't been contacted since the email stating they received my application. Applied to the Sydney office in April with a straight forward case from a low risk country.
  7. I applied for a 461 visa in April in Australia (while on a working holiday) and have yet to hear any response. At that time, the processing time was listed at 3-5 months. Keen to hear if anyone has been granted one recently as I see it has now jumped to 14-27 months. Imagine having to wait 2 years for a 5 year visa! They really need to start removing 6 month restrictions if this is the case. Hard enough to find work without it.
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