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  1. Canadiangirl15

    Visitor Visa (600) Refusal

    Thank you! I’ll have a look at it I’m pretty sure it says multiple entry, but when I applied for it I put “no” where it asked if I would enter more then once. Also I was wondering when I did get refused for the year that if when I did go back that would kind of be a red flag for them? If that makes sense at all
  2. Canadiangirl15

    Visitor Visa (600) Refusal

    Hey there, I have a couple questions about my visitor visa 600. In the past I have obtained a working holiday visa and completed my two years in Australia. Met my partner and decided to go back on a visitor visa 600 for 6 months which was granted to me July 7 2017. I recently flew home December 1st for Christmas and have applied for a 12 month visitor visa which was refused. I was wondering if my current visitor visa for 6 months was still valid as it expires July 7 2018. Now I’ve noticed on my grant letter it says valid for 6 months of each arrival. Does this mean before it expires I am allowed to visit for 6 months at a time?