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  1. Great news indeed! Amazing, in fact. Thank you, Bridge
  2. Seriously?! We leapfrogged a bunch of people, including a friend of ours waiting for their PR for three years now?! Not sure how that happened. but that is excellent news indeed! Thank you for the amazing info; as I was completely not expecting it or thought it was possible and was blind to what was approved. So an entrance into Australia, regardless of length, is necessary before July, and there's no deadline to permanently settle. And I've PM'ed you, but no greencard or documentation needed for him? I'm used to having to cart my U.S. one everywhere at all points of entry into the United States, plus having to show it at foreign airports when checking in for a U.S. bound flight. It's been imbedded in my head for years to always show documentation that I belong in this country. Thanks again!
  3. Hey everyone, After 13 months, my American husband's offshore provisional 309/100 partner visa has been approved. We're very excited, but also embarrassingly unsure of what happens now. We did receive the below messages and some of it is confusing and vague: We're both still residing in the U.S. and will need to be here until at least October, 2019 when he finishes his contract with NASA. Our main questions are: - Is he required to enter Australia by 5th July? Can he just visit, or does he have to relocate? -What is the significance of 12th March, 2024? Is that the deadline to move? We're confused that the first entry is required by 5th July, but he must not arrive later than 12th March, 2024. It seems contradictory. -If he must enter Australia by 5th July, do I, the Australian sponsor, have to go with him? -What happens upon his first visit to Australia? Does he need a tourist visa, or does he use this visa and go through extra processing at customs? How does that first entrance into Australia work and what paperwork is needed? -What is the next step and what's needed to move onto the permanent resident visa? Sorry if some of these questions are silly and redundant. I couldn't see any recent threads concerning this. Thank you so much! Ryan
  4. T Thank you so much for the clarification. That's what I had suspected
  5. A new day; a new question! We have successfully submitted the Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia and the stage 1; Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa. Do we need to complete the Stage 2- Permanent Partner Visa Assessment? ​​My instinct is that we don't touch this until the other get approved. Please advise, as we don't want to screw this up, lol
  6. Hey folks, My American husband and I are planning on moving to Australia in the coming months as we wait for his partner visa to process. As an Australian citizen who has lived in the U.S. for years, this is a big, dramatic move for everyone involved. One our possessions that has its destiny in question is our 1992 Ford Explorer. It's not just any ol' Ford Explorer, but a Jurassic Park replica. As a fan of the movie as a kid, and a car fanatic now, I thought "why not"? It's taken a lot of work, patience, and money to get it to where it is now. The truck has been in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and is occasionally used at museum exhibits. Even without the alterations, it's a rarity being in impeccable condition with only 66k miles and is in perfect mechanical and esthetic shape. After all this fun and work, it'd be heartbreaking leaving it behind. Looking at the government site on importing vehicles, it's very convoluted. It says 1989 and newer vehicles are restricted, but is vague on the exceptions. I think I'm eligible being an Australian citizen residing overseas, and we've had the car for three years. If anyone has any info on what needs to be done to make it eligible and the steps involved, as well as costs involved (I'm confused especially about the GST and import tax amounts- is it based on the original value/today's value/or the value I bought it at?), and any other advice, it's more than welcome. For reference, we bought it for USD$3,000 in 2015 (stock condition), we probably will move to VIC, and it is a secondary car; we would use it only on the weekends occasionally, so it won't be using it most days Thank you so much Ryan
  7. Hey everyone, We've gotten started on our application for my husband and a partner visa. He started the process the other day, and began working on the "Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia" page. Basically, it's all of my info as the sponsor and an Australian citizen, and despite entering it correctly, on page 4 (which confirms my details) it reads: " the related application details provided cannot be verified, check the details and amend if necessary. the applicant will not be able to continue and should review the eligibility information on our website." ​​There shouldn't be any issues here for me, and the warning is a little disconcerting. A quick online search on the issue reveals that many suggest to complete the "Stage 1 - Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801)" first, even though it's listed second on the list of applications ​Just wanting to confirm that we're the correct pages and should we do the Partner or Prospective Visa application first? Below is a screenshot of the page we're on Thanks so much and sorry for the silly question
  8. Buggar! And most student/work visas are temporary, from my understanding, and we’d have to reapply (and worse, repay) for the partner visa. Unless there’s some other way to stay permanently once over there on a work/student visa?
  9. Thank you so much Aussie83. That is very helpful and sheds a lot of light. Appreciate reading through my novel. I have a few questions following your answers. Thank you for the heads up on the possible changes in March. An “initial entry” could be just a visit into the country? As long as it’s within the expiry date of the medical/police checks? Upon the first entry into Australia after approval, is there something different that is handled at customs than the usual processing to show we’ve arrived? So, hypothetically, if we apply for the partner visa and he receives a post doc visa, that could overrule and forfeit the partner visa? That would mean we’d have to start from scratch, as most work or student visas seem to be temporary? Thank you again!
  10. Hi there everyone, I'm an Australian citizen living in the U.S. with my American (same-sex) husband. We're very serious about moving to Australia in the coming year, as he is about to complete his PhD in May, 2018. He has been applying for jobs in Aus recently with no luck. Our theory is that not being a resident isn't helping, despite his skillset. We've discussed applying for a partner visa to help make him look more desirable to employers. The application cost is high, but we're willing to do it. But before we plunk down a huge chunk of hard-earned non-refundable money, we're hoping to get some clarity on the process and what we're really eligible for. Internet searches on the subject return mixed messages, so here we are turning to the all-wise and knowing forum. We are, firstly, a legitimate married couple. We've been married since March, 2014, and have lived together since 2012, so it should be easy to prove that. But here are my concerns and "what if" questions...... - Are we able to apply while we are both living in the U.S.? It appears we can, with the Partner Provisional Visa (subclass 309) and Migrant visa (subclass 100). Just checking... - If the application goes through and if it gets approved, is there a timeline that we need to move or visit Australia? He's still applying for jobs in the U.S., as we can't put all of our eggs in one basket for the next year, and may not be able to move immediately if he is already holding another job here. Is there a deadline to move and gain residency? - If by chance, he does get a job that is willing to sponsor him to work in Australia, or he gets a postdoc there on a student visa, does that override the partner visa application? - Do we have to have the police checks and medical forms readily available before applying? Or do we get prompted during the process when those will be needed? - I'm still a little foggy on the provisional visa vs the migrant visa, and the difference? From what I'm reading, the provisional is two years long, but I'm not clear on what takes place in those two years to move onto permanent residency. -Lastly, this questions concerns me, the sponsor. Despite being an Australian citizen, I haven't lived there since I was 10 years old, when I my Mum married an American (it's a theme in our family). I'm now 35, and have always wanted to return. I do have my Australian birth certificate, current Australian passport, and have been back to Australia countless times to visit family. I also have worked for Qantas the past nine years. However, I have never had a tax ID number or any adult record, aside from a Bank of Melbourne account started eight years ago. Will my long lapse of Australian residency since being a child cause any troubles? -Any other details or advice is welcome. Thank you so much for reading through and helping educate us before we make a big commitment Ryan
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