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  1. Rocketrod666

    The Thai House Book, What Is It? Why Does It Matter?

    You neeed to take up golf....
  2. Rocketrod666

    Thailand Partner Visa Offshore To Australia.

    We requested PR from the start based on our relationship length of 6 years. From the original application we also provided proof of the relationship since day 1 up until application submitted which made it more compelling to grant PR. From what research I’ve noted it’s geneerally 3 years min.. I did the application myself. But did engage a immigration lawyer to manage on my behalf the last 8 months and one less stress I didn’t have to worry about knowing its in good hands..Expensive secretary but end result worth it.....
  3. Rocketrod666

    Thailand Partner Visa Offshore To Australia.

    Update : Partner Permanent (100) Visa granted. 3 days after Partner Temporary 309.
  4. Rocketrod666

    Thailand Partner Visa Offshore To Australia.

    UPDATE- December 2018 - Partner Provisional 309 Visa Grant Approved… No calls or any interviews from a case officer/s throughout entire process. Cant comment on why others would have this….. Anyways, Good News and another good reason to crack another Moet champagne on XMAS day. Off to David Jones tonight to buy her some cooking pans and pots for the XMAS present…..
  5. Rocketrod666

    Thailand Partner Visa Offshore To Australia.

    Checks completed and documents sent via Thai post. Total: 7 days.
  6. Rocketrod666

    Partner Visa Stage 2 - Long Term Relationship

    My Thai wife, me Aussie citizen applied for offshore temporary partner visa September 2017 in Thailand. The immi account portal we have this message: “Applicants who are granted the temporary visa will be eligible for consideration for permanent residence 2 years from the date this application was submitted.”
  7. Rocketrod666

    Thailand Partner Visa Offshore To Australia.

    Partner visa Progress Update: September 2017 Submitted Parner visa offshore Bangkok October 2017: Parner Requested to attend for Medicals and biometrics March 2018: 1. Partner requested to provide Thai National Police check vi email. 2. Sponsor requested to provide Australians federal Police check transcript (though I already submitted it originally) via email. Sounds like we’re getting momentum.
  8. Rocketrod666

    Wife Has To Be Out Of Australia For Visa Grant ?

    Keep me posted Docmartin your progress- Case manager assigned etc and I’ll also do the same in return. We submitted our Thai Parner Visa to AUS September 2017. Hummm deee hmmmm ????
  9. Rocketrod666

    Opening Bank Account For Partner Visa Application

    Hi mate. Opening joint bank accounts for tourists has now been restricted to tighter ruling. It’s available only when tourist are here for 3+ months. This has started approximately 2016. My partner and I opened a joint account easily at St George in 2011. Getting a little annoyed with them over the years I decided I would give NAB my business. When my partner was here we attended a NAB branch. We were advised this could only happen on a visa with the stay within the country greater >3+ months. We were quite surprised, but lucky we did it all them years before. The advice I was given due to money laundering and terrorism.
  10. Rocketrod666

    First Entry For Partner Visa

    If your received the travel grant letter. Simply enter the country. All the approvals are recorded in the systems backend. No need to advise entry and departure
  11. September 2017, my wife and I finally submitted our Offshore partner partne visa. We married October 2016 in Thailand. After being 6 years In a relationship, her travelling 13 trips to Australia, and 7 trips for me there, happy times and plenty memories with all our friends and families, it was time to step up too the next level. Submitted ImmiAccount Application Sept 2017, and im patiently waiting. I anticipate some questions from case manager in the next coming months. Patience is the key. In the meantime, she's coming here every few months once accumulates annual leave for a week or two. Anyone's else patiently waiting for Thailand Offshore partner visa entry to Australia?
  12. Rocketrod666

    The Thai House Book, What Is It? Why Does It Matter?

    See it as Australian Council Rates & Deeds to a property with who lives there
  13. Rocketrod666

    What Evidence Can I Provide For Living On A Farm?

    Provide a state declaration on the situation and how bills are paid etc. also maybe have the family accountant sign it off. Also get the parents to provide a state dec... importantly get a copy of the council rates showing the lots. Another tip is make sure the bills are in joint names if possible. This will suffice. Good luck.