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  1. No attitude here. I appreciate the reply.
  2. I’m in the process of attempting to extend my subclass 600 visa for an additional six months. When I go to submit it I’m charged a “Subsequent Temporary Application Charge” of $700 in addition the visa fee of $365. WTF is that for? $1065 is a lot for only a chance it will be extended. Non-refundable of course.
  3. I will answer my own question. The narrative section is limited to 300 characters.
  4. As I recall, the online application form for a subclass 600 allows you to insert a narrative. Is the length of that narrative limited in length?
  5. Has Home Affairs been granting subclass 600 extensions for covid-19 reasons?
  6. Can an American still obtain a retirement visa for Australia? I purchased a block of land in 2010, and built a house as required by the Foreign Investment Review Board. At the time I could qualify for a retirement visa. I have invested over a million USD, and it now appears there is no visa that will allow me to retire in Australia.
  7. Hope they continue to do so. I’m 70+ years old. Currently living on Flinders Island, TAS where we have no reported cases of Covid-19. Although I would like to return to my U.S. home, the thought of getting on a airplane for 15 hours to get thrown into that quagmire in the U.S. makes me nauseous.
  8. Sammy, Do you reckon Home Affairs will consider the reduced airline schedules, travel restrictions between states, and the Covid-19 situation in the U.S. in the determination of a new 600?
  9. I received a six month Visitor (subclass 600) visa set to expire 23 Oct 2019 when I planned to return to the U.S. Because of reduced airline schedules and don’t travel restrictions I applied for a new Visitor (subclass 600) for a period of one year. It was granted but, only until 15 Oct 2020. Because of restrictions to travel between Australian states and reduced airline schedules the logistics of traveling from my current location in Tasmania to my home in the U.S. are practically impossible. Perhaps Australian Home Affairs has a “crystal ball” that indicates this situation will improve by 15 Oct. but, I doubt it. I would like to return to the U.S. but, the Covid-19 situation continues to deteriorate. All gov.au websites warn against travel to the U.S. If the situation does not improve should I apply for a bridging visa or a new Visitor (subclass 600)? Should I file the application prior to current expiration of 15 Oct.? If so, how soon prior?
  10. This forum is a great source of information because of people like you. Cheers!
  11. That’s what I thought, but just wanted to double check. Cheers
  12. I have a six month maximum stay Visitor subclass 600 visa that expires 23 Oct. 2019. If I enter Austalia on 22 Oct. 2019, can I stay for six months even though the visa expires a day later?
  13. Aussiedude, You seem vary knowledgeable about Australian visas! In regards to the Investor Retirement Visa (subclass 405), You must be sponsored by an Australian State. How do you do that? I didn’t find any info on the TAS website. Also, what is a “Designated Investment”?
  14. Thanks for the very descriptive reply! Can you tell me more about “Condition 8503”?
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