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  1. Sorry, completely misread your post. Not sure how to do it if you weren't listed as a partner when she applied and how to add after it's been granted. Maybe someone else can help you. Otherwise consult an RMA.
  2. The immigration website gives you everything you need to know. If you plan on applying onshore, just google 820/801 visa and click the link for the Department of Home Affairs website on that visa.
  3. The 189 website has a series of links and sublinks of info. You'll find there that police certs are for those over 16 years.
  4. Plenty of free websites will combine pdfs for you as well.
  5. You don't get to talk to the CO anyway... just some random call centre person who doesn't know much of anything about the process anyway.
  6. I would get the offshore partner visa in as soon as possible. There's nothing stopping her from continuing to stay in Oz while waiting on the 309/100 decision so long as she abides by the conditions on her tourist visa. Be sure to supply evidence of your entire relationship as the long term relationship criteria would apply to you. If you provide strong evidence of your relationship (especially the two years prior to applying) she'll likely get both the 309 and 100 at the same time.
  7. No. She'll need a migration visa of some sort to be able to migrate here permanently. If she doesn't qualify for other cheaper routes (e.g., skilled work visas), then the partner visa may be the only way to go. Everyone pays to play... it's $7k no matter what the situation and you'll need to prove the relationship and meet the requirements just like any other family. Having a child or being married to an Aussie doesn't necessarily make much of a difference in and of itself (this is a family migration route after all) so be sure to still put together a strong application. Good luck and congratulations!
  8. Then you're part of the 10%. Happens sometimes. Try complaining now that you've exceeded.
  9. No need to certify anything if applying online, and I highly recommend applying online. Just clear color scans. Not much to do ahead of time other than gather your evidences and start organizing them. Things like photos should go into one pdf labeled "photos" and use one upload slot rather than uploading each individually, and so on. Organizing your evidence properly can be the most time consuming part. Form 888s from friends or family can take awhile to get so that's something to start a month or so ahead. No point in doing police certificates early as they're only valid for 12 months and doing them too early just means you'll likely have to do and pay for them again.
  10. I would also wait on doing it until it's requested as you don't know how long your partner application will take.
  11. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/contact/offices-locations/honduras "Non-citizen non-residents: Clients can appoint a representative with a power of attorney to apply in person for a police certificate (certificado de antecedentes policiales) at the D.P.I. and a penal certificate (certificado de antecedentes penales autenticado) at the Poder Judicial." Sounds like a cheaper option than going in person.
  12. You'll definitely want professional help as Schedule 3 Criteria isn't something you want or may be able to navigate yourself. You may just be making a nice donation to immigration in visa fees. And no, you'll still be on the BVE.
  13. Don't forget to get a BVB grant before you need to leave again.
  14. You can reenter on an evisitor or ETA, but your BVA has ceased. You'll need to do a Form 1005 and basically reapply. You can also apply online if you did your 820/801 app online. Read here: https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/010-#tab-content-1 Keep in mind you'll have no work rights while on the evisitor or until the BVA is reinstated. I have no idea how long processing takes so I would get it done the day you get back.
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