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  1. If you apply for Australian Federal Police check they will send you a certificate of it..yes of course I was also asked to send them the proof of my health insurance.
  2. I got my afp in 5 working days..book your medical exam now coz bupa will schedule your exam 4days after the day you booked in.
  3. Of course there’s a negative impact on that specially that she already have a case officer...but anyway, I am curious about your your status here @Gabbie since u cancelled ur 461 application...did they give you another bridging visa while ur partner’s pr application is on process?Coz ur partner is the main applicant.
  4. @Gabbie you should have just waited for the result of ur 461 before letting ur partner apply for pr..you already have a bad record coz u wihdrew ur 461 application.
  5. You will get ur visa when your turn comes..maybe they’re not done with February applicants.Let us know when u get ur visa.😊
  6. Yes that’s sucks coz they don’t give u the reason..that’s why u have to be more patient ,just keep yourself busy with other things, it only stresses u out...what i did was..I just enjoy the time with ny husband while I am here in Oz coz no one really knows ,if they will approve your visa or not..Coz obviously there is no other way to know the reason of delaying the visa processing,coz if there was other way..,I would have done it before..You will get your visa soon ,when it is really your turn.
  7. Thats the problem coz non of the Immigration officers would tell u the reason..that is why I am telling u can’t do anything about it.Like what I said if u think there are other ways to know the reason,then try it.
  8. I know how u feel guys..It is really stressful..I even cried coz i got tired of waiting.
  9. I was just sharing my experience . I did everything to know my application status but no answers from the Immigration.
  10. I guess,Immigration officer doesn’t answer phone calls ,there are people assigned for that..Immigration officers don’t have time to get all the calls coming from all the applicants unless a case officer is already assigned to you.and officer will contact u if he/she needs more information about your application.
  11. Hi, guys! Try to have more patience..Sad to say, u can’t do anything about it even if u will call the Immigration coz u will just be talking to the representative.I did that before..I sent them emails like 7 times and every month I called them but nothing happened until I reached 22 mos of waiting, my case officer emailed me asking for additional docs and medical exam.After I submitted all my docs..I received a visa grant letter.