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  1. Can someone explain what this means. Is it when you first entered Australia whether it be a tourist or other visa or is it when you got your bridging visa or PR? Thanks Jenna
  2. JLus

    Australian partner Visa granted

    Of course and aplogies was super excited yesterday it been an epic wait! Married since 2012, 3 dependant children ( born 2013, 2015 and 2017) Application lodged onshore 26 June 2016, Decision ready. Update Med and police check April 2018, Request for both visa to be granted at the sametime 26/09/2018. Application for both approved 28/09/2018. My husband was froma high risk country (DR Congo) I submitted a letter of complaint to the case worker and through the Homa Affairs website once we have by paased processingtime by 2 months. Happy to provide more information to nayone :). Just belive though it can be done, it almost broke us and so glad we pushed through.
  3. Update. After two complaint letts sent simulationiously, one to the case worker and one offical complaint of the website, mu husband recieved his 820 and 801 at the sametime! He is now a PR. Its taken 27 months and countless recent months of stress but its done. Thanks for your support
  4. Dear All Its only taken 27 months but today we got our 801/820 at the same time. Hold on everyone...dreams can come true
  5. JLus

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Kaz, any news?? Trying to find some sucess stories from 2016
  6. JLus

    Changing migration agent

    Of course, I am unhappy about the wait time but I know this is not the agent fault. What I am unhappy is about the responses to my follow up, for example I been told to be humble if I contact the immigration agent as they have the power and also the lack fo information sharing received. I have has several time for information and emails between the agent and the dept but have not received. I have also asked about how to get the temp and permanent decided at the same time, again no response. I just feel there is no interest from their side and I am just another number. this is fine but its not what I made $3K plus for.
  7. Hi Has anyone changed migration agent, mid ( well 2 years into the process). I am losing confidence in mine, after extracting all the information from my file recently. I have been digging deeper and I am not happy with the job done. Thoughts?
  8. I agree, we have responded to all requests in a timely manner. We have submitted Health and police check twice and given that when we submitted the visa, the processing time was 12-14 months, it had blown out beyond belief. My husband is congolese and yes whilst the information may be difficult to get from external agencies, I dont belive it is impossible. Thanks for the advise. Am apporaching case worker, then lodging complaint and then ombudsmen.
  9. My partner and I have been waiting 26months now for any word on his visa. He is finding it quite difficult here to get a job without a proper visa. A lot of work agencies are requiring a permanent visa or at least a sign that his visa application is progressing. He is constantly being question as to why he has been on a bridging visa for 26 months, by even other government agencies such as Medicare and Centrelink. I know this is illegal and he has full work rights but in this day and age, discrimination happens not only based of age, sex and race but also visa status! Personally, it disgraceful that it’s taken this long, leaving a person in limbo. Our immigration lawyer advises not to hassle the case officer but frankly running out of patience. This is clearly pushing the limits of even their own guidelines for processing. Any advice???
  10. JLus

    Partner Visa Submitted 5/dec/2016

    @Happy birthday - what country are you from? Have you had any response from Immigartion. We lodged 24 June 2016. Hubby is from DRC. No news yet ;(
  11. JLus

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Lodge ours in Australia. HUsband is here with mea nd our three kids, thank goodness. But it 20 days shy of 24 months!! Too long too wait
  12. JLus

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    yep, we lodged application ready 25/04/2016. Red did medicals and Police check March 2018. Still waiting. Husband from DRC, so high risk! immigration contacted to ask about when husband will be onshore again ( we travel alot due to the nature of my work) - sounds positive - no?
  13. True true..its just soo frustrating
  14. My partner and I submitted our application for partner visa in June 2016. We are married with 3 children. We did not hear anything for the longest time and then were asked for another health check and police check and that the Police for his country ( Democratic Republic of Congo) was wrong, so get a new one.....then silence again If this visa application was posted in June 2016, where the processing time were estimated at 12-14 months for 75-90% of applications and March 2017, they were 18 - 20 months for 75-90% of applications and May 2018, it is 17-24 months for 75-90% of applications, s by sheer logic, a visa being posted in June 2016, should have a decision by now unless we sit outside that 90%. Has anyone had similar experience? The lawyer keeps saying its backlog but this is joke. Advise on how to get our voices heard and get someone to make a decision on the application already