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  1. Hi, Sorry for the long message ahead, but I would really like if someone can help me here. I am a 27 years old Indian citizen. I left my job of around 4 years in Jan this year and have already submitted an EOI for Australian PR (189). I was able to achieve 70 points and now I am just waiting for the invitation. I have a BF in Melbourne who is an Australian Permanent Resident and working full time. We decided while waiting for my permanent residency I could visit him on a 3 month Visitor Visa. I applied on 28th June and got a rejection mail on 29th itself with the reason being "not provided sufficient evidence of your circumstances to demonstrate strong personal, employment or financial incentives to return to your home country after your intended visit with your application." I knew my case was tough to be approved as I am unemployed so I researched a bit over net before submitting my application. I read that it's not advised to mention that you have a bf/gf in Australia as it will slim your chances of returning to your home country. So in the cover letter I mentioned that I am visiting my other friend(ex-colleague) and that she would be helping in accommodation. I filed for just a trip of 2 weeks with booked tickets attached. Here are the other documents attached - Bank statements - more than 15k AUD bank statements Plus stating that I would be staying with my friend Details of friend - her passport, student id, address proof and exit letters from the same company we worked for as a proof that we are ex-colleagues Family Evidence - My passport demographic page stating my Mother, Father's name and My Mother, father, brother, sister's national identity card Booked flight tickets - to and fro (duration of just two weeks) In the cover letter, I mentioned that I have taken a gap year and I am spending time with my family and friends. NOW, I want to apply once again. I have few concerns: 1. Should I apply stating that I' have already filed my EOI for PR and I would not want to screw that by breaking laws and overstaying in Australia'? 2. Should I mention I have a BF there (we have been in a relationship for 3.5 years now but we don't fall in the defacto category)? 3. Will these visitor visas' rejection affect my PR application? 4. Any other advice for making the "intend to come back" point stronger? Right now all I can think is that I have my parents and siblings here which has anyway been rejected. Apologies again for the long message. But I am desperate for any help. Thanks!
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