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  1. Hello All I am really hoping somebody can explain a couple of things for me. I am trying to organise Aussie Passports for myself and my 2 kids (aged 12 and 10). I was born in Sydney in 1968 to British parents and we all returned to GB a few months after I was born. From what I can make out this makes me an 'Australian Citizen'. Am I right? I have two children, both born in GB. I am trying to sort out their passports and understand I need to therefore sort out their Australian Citizenship beforehand? I am working through the online immi.gov.au Enlodegment forms and it asks me to "Give details of periods totalling at least two years that this parent has lawfully been in Australia." I have never lived in Australia beyond the few months after I was born and before my parents returned to GB. I'm so confused, any information would be really helpful. Cheers, Cindy