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    BVB and its condition

    Hi, I am currently on Spouse Dependent Student Higher Education Sector (visa 573) and have work restriction until 40 hours per week. We are planning to apply for Temporary Residence (visa 485) but our 573 visa end up in 15 Sept 2018. Looking at the processing time of the TR visa up to 80 days, its likely we will be granted BVA automatically. The thing is, I have to travel outside Australia at 6 September and will be back to Australia on 16 September. So my student visa will be not applicable anymore. Thus I have to apply for a BVB so I can enter Australia again. My problem is, BVB usually given 3,6,12 months. What if I am granted BVB with work restriction (less then 40 hours work per week). If I come back to Australia on 16th Sept, means what bridging visa will applied to me in Australia? is it BVB or BVA? Will the working restriction of my BVA will be the same as my BVB? Will BVA granted with the same working condition as my 573 spouse dependent student higher education visa? Because currently I have a job that I need to still be having after I come back from travelling. Thank you for helping..