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    Pregnant - options?

    What I'm particularly interested in is her chances of getting Medicare cover. She does not have money to pay for a birth here I. I'm guessing only certain visa holders get medicare cover, so will immigration grant her some kind of visa if she can't afford to pay for a birth? or will they just say 'pay or go home'?
  2. MichaelN

    Pregnant - options?

    Thanks for the reply AussieDude. I'm an Australian citizen. I'd be very grateful if you can, answer further.
  3. Forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong section but I have no idea where I should make the post. Try not to judge me too much but I've gotten a woman pregnant and I don't want a child. I have my reasons. In any case the woman in concern wants to continue with the pregnancy alone despite having no Health insurance or access to Medicare and she earns a very small salary so she could never afford what it would cost here to have a baby. I myself have only just become employed a few weeks ago after years of unemployment, and my salary is basic. She is from a very small country and has been here for around 10 years working for consular officials and executives as a domestic worker, but her visas held gave no pathways to a more permanent visa as I understand. Currently she is on a Temporary Activity (subclass 408) Visa which I believe has been repealed and is under appeal. So she needs a medicare card or she must return home to have the baby. I'm prepared to be registered as the father but I'd prefer not to be involved further. Firstly, is there any options for her alone to get a visa which will entitle her to Medicare cover, and secondly, if I were to get involved, what are the options then? I've already been involved with two previous partner visas, 2012 and 2002.