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  1. Hi Ruzy, you welcome on board, we’re all in the same boat. I have provided further information evidence requested since July and never heard anything from them, my application is over 15 months still waiting. It’s very quite from Pretoria and frustrating. So we’ll keep on waiting.
  2. Still waiting as well. The processing is really frustrating, surely it’ll come.
  3. Wow.... Joy, we both submitted the same month of June. And I was asked for further information on 16th of July and I have submitted last week, I’m waiting as well. They asked for evidence of continuing relationship with my partner and PCC. Please what are the information they asked from you? Thank you
  4. Congratulations again hun, it really worth the wait. Hopefully we’re next on line for grants!
  5. My timeline so far is as follows DOL 3rd of June 2017 First contact and further information requested was on the 16th Of July 2018 Medical examination completed on the 20th July 2018 PCC and evidences of continuing relationship all uploaded 25th July 2018. All the required information has been uploaded now waiting for Pretoria, hope it won’t be long fingers crossed.
  6. Hi Missa0822, I went for the medical examination last week and It reflected on my profile that the medical has been provided. Again yesterday I have uploaded PCC for i and my partner, with evidences of continuing relationship, WhatsApp chat, phone calls log, gift from my partner to me from Australia and money transfer records, all the requested information has been uploaded yesterday, so fingers crossed and waiting for them in Pretoria. When was your date of lodgment? Hope we get positive response from Pretoria soon.
  7. Got a letter today from immigration department for further request. Asked to undergo medical, my partner’s Australian police checks and evidence of continue relationship with my partner. Please what kinds of information or evidence do I need to provide for continuing relationship please? I have been waiting for 13 months now, logged my application on the 3rd of June 2017, never heard anything from them just today asking for further information. Anybody here have his or her application being processed in Pretoria, South Africa please let share our timeline.
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