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  1. Some of the May 2018 applicants got their visa grant already. And I think you just have to provide what your Agent asked you to send and update them right away.
  2. What's your visa status? Mine is still on "received" status. Applied June 2018. Submitted everything too. Looks like we will only get approved when we reach 18-20 months.
  3. Hello, any update on your visa esp to those who applied from early 2018?
  4. Hello Beloved... Did you apply online by yourself or hire an agent? I saw one of the member that their PMV 300 just got approved the other day and took them to wait just a little over 6 months. Tho, it's a case to case basis and depends on the country where you applying from. Are you done with your medical already? I hope you mentioned during your PMV 300 application that you got 3 TV refusals and explained further in Form 80, Part N, No. 39. As what Bridge said, "Many people apply for tourist visas during the processing period of their partner / prospective marriage visa applications. At least you can lessen the time apart somewhat." When you applied Tourist Visa or while you are on Tourist Visa in Oz, ONCE your PMV 300 is ready for grant, they're going to ask you to leave or exit Oz. I'll be applying Tourist Visa too.
  5. Indeed... It will be a long waiting game for the new fiscal year's applicants... All I can do for now is to get a TV so I can visit my fiance. And just gotta be busy with work while we are both patiently waiting.
  6. Hello everyone.? Does anybody here applied for prospective marriage visa subclass 300 just this June 2018? I already provided everything except for Medical 'coz I am waiting for CO's advise. And now the processing time is 18-23 months from 13-15 months. Holy cow!? I am planning to apply tourist visa again so I can visit my fiance. As of August 22, new processing times is 14-17 months! yay! Maybe you guys can share your timeline especially for 2018 Applicants. Timeline: Date of PMV 300 Application: June 2018 Status: Received Date of Medical Completed: August 2018
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