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  1. Hi everyone , Thanks in advance. I am new here.. Long story short, I started relationship with my partner in february 2017 in my country, she moved in to stay with me in my parents house after few months, when times passed by we decided that we gonna stay in australia in the future, so she came with me to australia in december 2017 with one year ETA tourist visa multipe entry, everytime she comes to australia she stayed with me for 2 n half month, went back and come again, repeatedly for a couple of times. recently she found out she is pregnant now , so we are planning to get marry asap in australia. so my question is ,Is my case is complicated? do i qualify for 820 onshore ? what is the chance of get rejected ? its stressful and lot of money for this visa. I just wanna make sure everything before i apply. pls any advice will do.. Thank you so much.
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