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  1. Update on my Visa: Hi guys, Just wanted to give you guys an update on my Visa, because mine is a little bit different to most of the other applications. I reapplied for my 461 beginning of May 2017 without being with my ex-partner. We broke up nearly 6 years ago but still are great friends. You are able to reapply for the Visa after the relationship ended when you follow the rules immigration has, which I did but I was so nervous about it because I didn't hear about many cases like mine. Immigration emailed me asking me for more information 3 weeks ago and I handed them in yesterday and I got a reply back today confirming that I got my Visa request granted. I am over the moon. I moved to Australia in 2008 and can't imagine living anywhere else. This is my home and I love this country so much. Just wanted to share my story and hope that it helps someone because this forum definitely helped me, just knowing that I wasn't the only one who was waiting. 23 months of waiting and hoping and I finally got it :)
  2. That is a little bit odd. Even when I called immigration previously about our break up they even told me they don't really care about it because my Visa isn't affected by it and I can even reapply for it for another 5 years without him due to the Visa rules. you are in Australia and: you hold a subclass 461 visa, or you are not the holder of a substantive visa and the last substantive visa you held was a subclass 461 visa you are no longer a member of the family unit of a person in relation to whom you were granted a subclass 461 visa you have not become a member of the family unit of any other person I fit all the above criterias and not sure about the situation with your friend but it does sound weird especially if they are still together and she applied for it for a 3rd time. Maybe she was asked for proof because they are still together just to be precise and have everything on file. I am really scared in general just because it takes so long for everyone and your life is on hold and you can't make any big decisions without knowing what will happen next.
  3. @Yan18 I am not with my partner anymore. We broke up a long time ago but you can re-apply for a new 461 if you follow particular rules which I have done. We are still friends though
  4. I applied for my Visa beginning of May 2017. It's the second time I have applied for the 461 so reapplying for the same Visa I already had in the past. In 2012 it took 7 weeks from applying for the Visa to receiving it. I moved to Australia in 2008 and have been living here apart of 2 years in New Zealand. I haven't heard anything from immigration since I received my bridging Visa 2 days after application. I guess I speak for all of us if I say how mentally hard it is to be in such a limbo situation but what can you do. It's my home and I have been living here for 10 years and I love this country. I really hope for all of us that we are going to get good news soon.
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