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  1. We all make mistakes when we are young. I wish you all the best. I'm not sure whether this prevents you from getting a visa or not. However, i'm pretty sure that Australian's aren't being deported.I think it is Australian permanent residents that have criminal convictions that have caught up with them. It has been in the media a lot lately. People that came here as kids, became Australian permanent residents and are now getting deported 30 years later because of their criminal convictions. I guess its a good reason for those to take out Australian citizenship.
  2. Thanks so much Kanga. Just one question please. Is it possible to ask that Condition 8503 not be put on the tourist visa? This would then mean my boyfriend could apply for the partner visa in Australia.
  3. Thanks again. So it looks like the only option is to apply for the partner visa back in Vietnam. With the processing taking well over a year, would it be possible for my for boyfriend to apply for a 12 month visitor visa. He has being to Australia 3 times in the last 12 months and stayed for 3 months on each visit, so he has a good history of Australian visa compliance. If he was granted a 12 month visitor visa it would lessen the hardship of us being apart for such a long period of time. With my current work in Australia, I would only be able to visit him in Vietnam for a week or two at most in the next 12 months. What are the chances of him being granted a 12 month visitor visa to stay in Australia during the processing of his partner visa. Thanks again for all the help here on the forum.
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply. I thought it was a long shot. Another question. If my boyfriend applies in Vietnam for the de-facto partner visa, I was reading that he can come back to Australia on a bridging visa during the processing time, is that correct?
  5. I am sure this has been asked and answered here on the forum, but I would appreciate any help. My boyfriend is currently in Australia on a tourist visa and has to leave in a little over 2 weeks as his 3 months will be up. This is his third visit to Australia and he has always complied with all of the the conditions of his tourist visas. We would have spent a total of 9 months together in Australia in the last year. Prior to this we lived together in Vietnam for 18 months, and had a lease in our joint names. I was working in Hanoi at an International School. A few days ago we got thinking about our future plans together, and we are confident we would meet the de-facto criteria for a partner visa. However, my boyfriend's tourist visa has the condition 8503 attached to it. My understanding of this is that he cannot therefore apply for the partner visa in Australia unless he can get the Condition 8503 waived. Is this correct? Has anyone had any success with having the condition 8503 waived? Could we plead our case to the Department of Immigration that we want to apply for the partner visa in Australia because to apply overseas will mean we will be apart for over a year. Will they take compassionate circumstances into account?
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