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  1. Hi, I applied partner 309 for my husband from India in end of March 2018, submitted medical after one week. On 1 June we got email requesting PCC which was submitted on 26 June. After that heard nothing. I wonder how long it will take now as this waiting game and seperation is very hard.
  2. Thanks for replying @Aussie_83. I mean if anyone has any experience, that how long it took for them after submitting medicals and PCC.
  3. Hi, I am Australian permanent resident, I applied Partner Visa 309 for my husband on 29 March 2018, medical was submitted within one week of application submission. We received email from DBIP for Police Clearance Certificate on 1 June 2018, we submitted it on 26 June 2018. My husband and I were in Australia before applying for his Partner Visa. We have lived together in Australia for three years, we submitted all proofs with our application. Before his visa expiration we came back in India, got married and applied for his partner Visa offshore. Since we came India for marriage, I didn't go back to Australia, I was hoping if we could go back together. We haven't lived separate from each other all these years even for a day. But we didn't hear back anything from DBIP yet, it is still under assessment. Now I am wondering, if anyone can give me insight into processing time after additional information submission. If anyone has experience, please share with us as this waiting game is getting very hard for us. Thanks
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