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  1. Thanks,that's where i got confused. Her TV expires next week but her 3 month permission to stay ends on the 17th Nov so i thought she would be able to work from next week.
  2. Ok thanks. I guess we just rock up to a Medicare office with some documents and apply there? What about work?
  3. So my Partners TV expires on the 2nd Oct (next week) and her latest 3 month entry on it finishes on the the 17th Nov and is the date her Bridging Visa commences... Visitor ends on 17 November 2019 Does that mean that she won't get her Medicare card and permission to work until the 17th Nov? looks that way.
  4. Thanks. Yes i thought twice after writing GF on here but i'll certainly take your tip.
  5. Hi, My Filipina GF is here on a 12 month TV with further stay allowed that expires on the 4th Oct.I have filled out the Stage 1 - Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801) application but it hasn't asked me anywhere for supporting documents? Is this normal for the stage 1? I have the police checks from her country and many of the other relevant documents to lodge but not sure where or when to do it.
  6. Actually it will be the Temporary Subclass 820 Partner Visa first.
  7. Hi, I plan to lodge a Onshore partner 309/100 application for my GF from the Philippines later in the year. My question is...can she have the Health Check done here in Australia while she is here on a TV?
  8. Thanks for your help,that's what i did and we got a 12 month Tourist Visa with further stay allowed...so it worked out good. Just another question...for a 3 month visit with that Visa do we need her to be able to show a return ticket on entry?
  9. Many thanks. I also want to upload some pics of us together to show we've known each other for 9 months or more and shared 3 holidays in the Philippines and Thailand already but there's no provision for it in the "attach documents" section. Is it a good idea to attach such pics if so where?
  10. Hi, I am doing a Tourist Visa 600 for my GF from the Phillipines as her sponsor and giving assistance. From what i've read i need to fill out a form 956 (??) and get her to sign it but when i fill out the online application and the end it either asks me to download form 956a or none at all depending how i answer the assistance question. I know i must be doing something wrong somewhere but i don't know where. Any suggestions?
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