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  1. While I’m hopeful that they would provide a period 6 months or more but I did not want to jeopardise my chance so I selected the 3 month option. Definitely both Application is asking health examination.
  2. After Clicking the Organise Examinations and answering a series of questions the Referral letter is generated which contains the type of examinations required.
  3. We have only received email asking for Biometric but have not received any specific email request for health Examination. I found the display information when health Assessment is selected Under the tourist Visa. Please see the attached file.
  4. The health examination request does not state the type specifically (full or x-ray etc...) the PMV was lodged on the 7/09 and the tourist visa was lodged on the 17/09.
  5. on a similar topic: I understand Health Examination will always require as part of the PMV Visa but is it unusual that the Health Examination is also required on a Tourist Visa? We currently have 2 applications being lodged with the department (1) PMV and (2)Tourist Visa application and both application require the health Examination. Does it mean the applicant have to do the Health Check twice ? If it does mean doing it twice then it's a VERY unreasonable request and I just don't see the rational behind this - especially the health report is produced at the same time on the same applicant.
  6. Really appreciated for your detailed explanation & advice. I will email them via the address you have provided.
  7. The first one was lodged while she was in her home country hence the home country was specified but on the 2nd visa, Canada was selected and the reason for staying in in Canada was also provided. On both visa automatic email was sent asking for biometric.
  8. After lodging for a tourist visa application, an automatic email from Department of Home Affairs is sent to the applicant requesting for the biometric to be completed. My fiancée is currently NOT in her home country as she had just arrived in CANADA to undertake a study course. According to the Department of Home Affairs website, is no biometric service listed in Canada. As I found out the service is only available in selected countries I.e mainly Asia countries. I have called the Australia department of Home Affairs 4 times and spoke to different staff regarding the matter. Each time I called them I got a different answer but none of them has pointed me to the right direction. Just wondering if anyone who has gone through a similar situation and had it resolved.
  9. How long ago did she apply for the visitor visa? How significantly have her circumstances changed since then? (Canadian visa granted prospective marriage visa application submitted etc?) Her Tourist Visa was submitted in April this year and refused in May. Regarding Circumstance Changed, on her last tourist last visa of which got refused she was working full-time. She is now currently in Canada undertaking a study course (Canada student Visa) You might want to mention her demonstrated visa compliance with regards to her Canadian visa. Demonstrated visa compliance with counties, such as Canada, US, USA, UK, EU, NZ always adds some weight. Good point.! I will also include Canada Visa details and a letter of acceptance from Canada College of which is currently attending. The criteria for a prospective marriage visa is that the applicant and sponsor have previously met in person and have a genuine intention to marry in the future. I would therefore suggest that you include evidence of the prospective marriage visa application, and the primary evidence that is used to show your genuine intention to marry, being the Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM). Yes we have met in person on several occasions. We've also submitted the NOIM as part of the recent PMV lodgement. However, it's a good point you raised. We will include the same NOIM document as part of the new Tourist Visa application. I would also include within your letter of support that your fiancee has recently submitted her prospective marriage visa application and the processing period is up to 2 years . This is an application that can only be decided whilst the applicant is outside of Australia, and that she would not want to do anything that would jeopardise the success of that application. You read my mind - below is what I already have in the letter. I also understand breaching the Visa conditions would also mean an immediate refusal of my PMV application currently lodged with the Department. I would not contemplate on doing anything for short-term gains and jeopardising the outcome decision which may result in the PMV application being refused. Moreover, XXXX and YYY are in a genuine loving relationship and we are intending to get married with a long-term plan settling legally in Australia once the PMV is granted by the Department. Many Thanks for your advice.
  10. "In assessing these criteria I have taken into account the information provided in the applicant’s visa application form and the supporting documents provided. On balance, I find that the applicant has not demonstrated sufficiently strong employment, economic, family or other commitments in Vietnam that would be sufficient incentive for the applicant to return to Vietnam." Above is an extract from Tourist visitor Visa refusal notification. Since then we have lodged a PMV and in a process doing another tourist visitor Visa for my fiancée to spend time with me whilst PMV is getting processed. This time round apply for tourist Visa, situation has changed as She is now currently in Canada, undertaking a study course and not in her home country. Do you know if the Department of Home Affairs would still weigh much on being employed as an incentive for the applicant to leave Australia or given we've now lodged PMV that would suffice for them to consider that any rationale person would fully understand breaching the Visa condition would likely result in PMV getting refused. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have completed lodging the PMV application for my fiancée and uploaded all the required documents. We are in the process of applying for a Tourist Visa 600 Under the "Exceptional reasons for extended stay ....." file upload section of the ONLINE form, can I use the statement to ask the department to allow my fiancée to stay beyond the 12 months while we are waiting for the decision to be made. I understand that she can NOT be in the country at the time the decision is made. PS: I'm not suggesting that my case is any special or exceptional - I'm sure many people out there are in the same situation as I am but would like to know my options and if I do have strong case. Appreciated your advice.
  12. Yes we have provided the agent a employer letter certifying her employment as well as the leave approval issued by the company.
  13. Although the applicant claimed to be employed in Vietnam, the applicant has not provided sufficient evidence to satisfy me of the genuine nature of the applicant’s employment, as it does not include independently verifiable evidence of the applicant’s salary, such as payment of income tax and social insurance by the employer. This leads me to have doubts as to the applicant’s ongoing employment and overall economic circumstances in Vietnam. As such, I do not consider that the applicant has strong employment or economic incentives to return Vietnam at the end of the applicant’s proposed stay in Australia.
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