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  1. Ooh your story is good ☺️ It give so much positive for the applicant has same condition with you. Congratulations. Anyway how hard to get permanent residence in Australia? Does anyone try to application permanent residence from 461 visa?
  2. Congratulations Hannah. The wait is over now and time to move forward as we need to get PR after 5 year haha. I am working now as medical receptionist. While waiting for my visa i get course and study so once my visa granted i start applying for a job. Congratulations to all of us.
  3. Yes 5 years from the visa grant date. So valid untill 20th March 2024
  4. What i mean is that do you have it in condition? In your visa grant?
  5. Thanks Yan ☺️ I do not have condition for the medical health insurance. Do you have any condition on your grant visa?
  6. Yes but i am confuse because i do not have condition that i need to have health insurance. Does anyone same like mine?
  7. Exactly 2 years processing before i heard from them they ask for additional documents same as what they ask you. And after i submit it in 10 days including weekend i received my grant notice in my email today
  8. My AFP check comes after 1 week including weekend of my application
  9. Thank you Jay. Yours will be coming soon check your email ☺️
  10. Good morning everyone. My visa granted today Thank you lord!! ❤️
  11. Did you received email from them? Because you can track the processing of your clearance. I have that when i lodge my application online.
  12. Online is better i think i applied mine in online for AFP check
  13. Lovebirds, where are you located at? Mine it took me 1 week only AFP Check that's what you getting? Im from Perth so it took 1 week. I read some post in here they got theirs for only 5 days.
  14. Ooh ok ☺️ Thats good. Start to do the requirements they asked you and sent it to them. I have sent the additional documents they required and now i am waiting for the outcome ☺️
  15. Did they ask you evidence of living together for the last 3 months?