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  1. Yes 5 years from the visa grant date. So valid untill 20th March 2024
  2. What i mean is that do you have it in condition? In your visa grant?
  3. Thanks Yan ☺️ I do not have condition for the medical health insurance. Do you have any condition on your grant visa?
  4. Yes but i am confuse because i do not have condition that i need to have health insurance. Does anyone same like mine?
  5. Exactly 2 years processing before i heard from them they ask for additional documents same as what they ask you. And after i submit it in 10 days including weekend i received my grant notice in my email today
  6. My AFP check comes after 1 week including weekend of my application
  7. Thank you Jay. Yours will be coming soon check your email ☺️
  8. Good morning everyone. My visa granted today Thank you lord!! ❤️
  9. Did you received email from them? Because you can track the processing of your clearance. I have that when i lodge my application online.
  10. Online is better i think i applied mine in online for AFP check
  11. Lovebirds, where are you located at? Mine it took me 1 week only AFP Check that's what you getting? Im from Perth so it took 1 week. I read some post in here they got theirs for only 5 days.
  12. Ooh ok ☺️ Thats good. Start to do the requirements they asked you and sent it to them. I have sent the additional documents they required and now i am waiting for the outcome ☺️
  13. Did they ask you evidence of living together for the last 3 months?