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  1. ?Hello I know there is a lot of information about parts of my enquiry in this forum but I will detail my situation. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I currently live in Thailand and have for 3 and a bit years. Now on a retirement visa. I have had no employment since Dec 2013. I have very little money at this point. I have a job offer back in Australia and intend to go back for 7-10 days to sort details and return to Thailand to finalise things and move back to Australia. I have been living with my GF for 18 mths in Roi Et. I want to take my GF back for the 7-10 days then take her back before xmas to live. I will set out my questions below. 1) Is it wise to apply for a 6 mth multi entry visitor visa straight up. then on the second trip apply for a marriage visa as soon as we get back to Aus. 2) or 3 mth visitor and apply for a second visa when moving back to Aus. Again applying for marriage visa when get back to Aus. 3) Having very little money and no assets in Aus what is considered enough money if I go with the 6 mth multi visa. Second time around I will have employment and no cost accommodation on site. 4) Due to the fact I was in Thailand when I met my GF and she left her city to live with me and I do not put money into her account. How would I prove the relationship and or supporting her. 5) I am sure I can get $10,000 put into my account in Aus as salary sacrifice would this cover sponsoring My GF trips. Keeping in mind Free accommodations both times. 6) Being as I will be the sponsor should I use form 1418 or 4149. Thank You Will add to as I come across things.