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  1. Hi, My name is Jen and I am a 21 year old female Australian citizen since migrating here in March 2007 to live with my father. However my mother (who raised me since birth) is still home in the Philippines and I have only been left with the easy option of visiting her back home yearly during Christmas. She is 50 years old, single, no other children, not employed and dressmaking qualifications. I am financially independent on top of that my mother's only source of income is by financially depending on me. For the 11 years living in such a privilege country I have not wished anything but to be reunited back with my mother. I have no siblings other than my half brothers who are all living here so I feel as though this pressure is all on me. Please enlighten me on visas I can apply for while I have done some research on the following visas; 1. Contributory Parent Visa - $50, 000: My main goal in life is to live happily and comfortably by my mum's side however the price I have to pay just to lodge this visa is completely out of my reach. I am working two jobs with limited wage and my mother who is still financially dependent. Although this visa is the most ideal for me and my mother it is definitely a long term goal and right now I feel like the longer I wait to be reunited with my mother, the less valuable time I have with her. Unless I get a loan somehow? 2. Sponsored Tourist Visa - $1650 with professional help and charges + 5-15k of bond: As of now I do not have enough savings to cover that bond but as working as hard and to ask financial assistance from my relatives. My question is with my mother's living situation in the Philippines, what is the likelihood of her getting approve for a tourist visa and is it necessary for my case to be done by professionals/agencies? If you have any input or suggestions please please help. I am so desperate at this point and any help I would gladly appreciate it