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  1. Cromwell143

    Certified Copies or Not

    Hello, Hoping to clarify whether I need certified copies of documents for use as attachment evidence for my partner visa application. I believe I've read on multiple websites and forums that the documents no longer need to be certified. However, when looking at the Immi website, certain of the descriptions indicate that they are looking for certified copies. For example: So, do I need certified copies. Or will regular copies be ok? Also, if I have a notarised copy of my birth certificate (the U.S. equivalent of certified) would that likely suffice? Thank you in advance!
  2. Cromwell143

    Proof of Address

    Thanks Nightcall. Will it be alright if we use my partners drivers license? Even though she is the sponsor and not the person seeking the visa? Thanks!
  3. Hi, We are applying for a partner visa. It asks for proof of residential address and says it can either be a drivers license or a utility bill. My partner, who is the sponsor, has our address on her license, would that be ok? I also have a bank statement that has my name (the applicant) and the address on it but it does not say bank statements on the ? page. Thanks!
  4. Cromwell143

    Timeline for Bridging Visa

    Hello, We've recently applied for a 820 partner visa. We've paid the fee and submitted what I think is part 1. I have three questions related to this: 1. How long until the bridging visa is granted? What happens if my tourist visa expires before it's granted? 2. How long do we have to upload the supporting documents? Do they all have to be certified or only certified if they are copies? 3. Do we need to upload all supporting documents before a bridging visa can be granted? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, Filling out the temporary partner visa and it asks for the family members of the person applying for the visa. It also asks for their Australian immigration status. Should I only include this if my family members are in Australia or planning on visiting here. My family lives in the United States and has no intention of coming to Australia except maybe for a visit late next year. Currently I've entered their information an put their immigration status as "other". Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, I have two questions about the timing of filing for a partner visa and working rights that I'm hoping someone can answer.... 1) If you enter the country with an ETA visa, do you have to wait until that visa's 3 month limit expires before filing for the temporary partner visa? Or can it be filed before the three month ETA term expires? 2) Generally speaking, how long after the partner visa has been submitted do you have to wait for approval to work? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Hello, I'm trying to understand three things, hoping someone can help: 1) What constitutes a de facto relationship. In other words, what are they looking for? 2) What types of documentation will be eligible to prove this? 3) How long does the de facto relationship have to have been going on for? For a little context, my fiance and I have been dating for two years. We met traveling. I have visited her in Australia twice. We have traveled the world together for 6+ months in the interim but have never lived in the same place together for more than 3 months.
  8. Cromwell143

    What Tourist Visa Does Not Have 8503 Restriction?

    Thanks AFV! One follow up question if I may, would the ETA (subclass 601) come with any restrictions that would prohibit someone for filing for a partner visa?
  9. Hello, I'm looking at applying for a tourist visa to Australia. My fiance and I are awaiting a U.S. visa but may decide that Australia is a better place to live. I've read the having the 8503 restriction would mean that we could not apply for a partner visa while I'm in the country. What types of visas do NOT have 8503 restrictions? For example, am I better off applying for a electronic travel authority (subclass 601) or a visitor visa (subclass 600) or some other kind of visa? Thanks in advance!!