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  1. You must marry your partner first before converting to 309 as it is a requirement.
  2. Yes, you are being assessed already. They might ask you some documents. The next status is "Finalised" means grant. You're almost there.
  3. The CO won't contact you. But if your status changed to "Initial assessment" from "Received" that means you already have a CO.
  4. Probably because I don't have a case officer yet to check and assess my application. Just applied 4 months ago.
  5. I am the applicant. Yes, I double checked and there's no info like that at the very end. It's probably because each country is different?
  6. I couldn't see the "I confirm I provided all the require information" at the end of the attachment page on my application. Do you know why? Which country are you applying from?
  7. Wow. That's quite fast. Did you use an agent to help you with the application? I applied mine on Sep 2019 and still now the status is RECEIVED. no messages yet from the Case Officer.
  8. To correct, I just downloaded the form 80, filled it out and attached it on my application. I didn't request any conduct statement from my employer nor my partner at all. But for the Form 80, it's all up to you. Or you can wait for the CO to ask you.
  9. I applied PMV 300 and offshore. I included it in my application. You can read this info: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/meeting-our-requirements/character
  10. Hi everyone! I am revisiting this forum to share my status and also to get others update on their Prospective Marriage Visa Application. I am from the Philippines. Country: Philippines Note: We separate our applications. Applicant applied first then Sponsor followed after the payment. Also, we did not use a Migration Agent. Date Applied (Applicant): September 19, 2019 Attached some of my Documents on: September 19, 2019 Date Applied (Sponsor): September 22, 2019 Attached all required documents: September 22, 2019 Number of documents attached (Applicant): 28 Number of documents attached (Sponsor): 13 Status: RECEIVED as of January 2020 Last Checked: January 23, 2020 (duration changed 17 months to 23 months) No messages has been received since I applied. Anyone applied for PMV here from the Philippines?
  11. Hi Jasmin. What is the status of you PMV now? By the way, which country are you applying from?
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