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  1. Hi Jasmin. What is the status of you PMV now? By the way, which country are you applying from?
  2. I am the applicant anf I did the form 80. Yep! I know it can be difficult especially tracing dates of employment, residency, and travels but just provide as much accurate info as you can. That's one of the keys to getting the grant.
  3. I applied on Sept. 19. Did they ask something from since the date of your application?
  4. What is the status of your application? Received? Initial Assessment? Further Assessment? Final Assessment? Mine is still "Received"
  5. Hi, I am applying for a tourist visa form the Philippines online. I completed the form on immiaccount yesterday and it showed that I need to attach the documents first and click next for payment before they process my application. My concern is I have attached some documents already but I am still waiting to get my bank statement, leave request, and certificate of employment. How long is the wait for attaching documents?If I can't attach all documents soon, will the immigration automatically delete my application? And also my tourist visa application is sponsored, where should I attach the proof that the sponsor and I have known each other? for ex. photos of us together, fb chats, travel itineraries, etc. I don't know where to attach these documents because what I found in the attachment section are the ff: *Photograph-Passport *Travel Document *Family register and composition form *Evidence of planned tourism activities in Australia *Evidence of financial status and funding for visit *Invitation from family, friends or organisations *Evidence of current employment or self-employment *Exceptional reasons for extended stay in Australia as a visitor (beyond 12 months).
  6. Thank you. I just had my medical today. All I can do is wait and start to organise my tourist visaa soon.
  7. Hi everyone. I need some advice please. I lodged my PMV last week and the waiting time is still long (15-22months) so I have decided to visit Australia as a tourist for about two weeks this Christmas. Is there a chance my TV will be granted? I had two tv grants before and never been refused. If possible, can I just use the same docs I provided on my PMV application for ex. Payslips, NBI,etc.? Do I need to have a separate medical exam even if I will have one this Thursday as required for PMV? Speaking of health insurance, is it really a must?
  8. I already found it. Thanks for helping me.
  9. Thanks Aussie_83. Where can I find the notification of incorrect info?
  10. Hi I need your help concerning travel records overseas of the last 10 years. We are applying for pmv and my Australian fiance is asked to provide all his travel records. The problem is he lost his old passport and couldn't retrieve the date of his travel in Thailand. He can only remember the month and year Sep. 2011 (not exact dates). He tried to ask his friend but also forgot the exact dates. There is no record in emails as they used an agency to book flights. They also forgot which agency they used at that time. We have records of other overseas travels though. In his application, I only inputted his travels in Bali and Philippines except Thailand. What should we do? I was thinking that he writes a letter to the embassy stating that he had travelled to Thailand and that he lost his old passport and itinerary. Would that be okay?
  11. Hi Taco, with regards to travels for the past ten years my fiance can't find his old passport and forgot the date when he visited Thailand in Sep. 2011. Couldn't trace the agency they used and no fb post or emails. Is it ok if I don't include it.
  12. Thank you so much man. Glad I did not double up.
  13. Yes SammyJ that amount is right. I checked their website and I am going to book an appointment soon. I have attached my documents already 26 attachments in total and waiting for one stat dec. As for my fiance, I am still waiting for him to give the dates and countries of his travels for the past 10 years. Trust me he has no idea. The other documents from his end will be attached to his application. Am I doing this right? And one more thing, I attached my passport photo in the wrong attachment. I attached it to "photograph other" Is it ok? I am a bit worried about it.
  14. Hi. I am now attaching my docs for PMV. Is it ok If I attach the same document again because I made a mistake. Instead of attaching my passport photo to PHOTOGRAPH- PASSPORT section, I attached it to PHOTOGRAPH- OTHER section. I am confused if I attach the same doc twice because I can delete once doc has been attached already. Do you think it's fine? Please help🙏🏽
  15. Hi I also lodged mine today. Paid and about to attached docs. I also got the HAP Id for my health examinations which I need to get an appointment first. How did you pay for your medical? Which country are you applying from?
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