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  1. Thank you SammyJ for your reply. I've uploaded about 20 docs now. With my point 3 of using a word doc, I was thinking of annotating our bank statements and sms chat history in order to explain how it connects to us living as a couple. Is the department okay with stuff like that? Thanks again!
  2. Hi guys, hope you are all keeping safe and well 🙂 Just had a few questions regarding my wife's 801/820 application Quick background: This is a conversion from prospective visa 300 which was granted Aug19, we got married in nov 2019 and application to convert to 801/820 was made in March 2020. We used an agent for the 300 visa but are going solo for this one. 1) Since the March application we have not uploaded any documents to the immi portal. We are in the process of doing this now - is this going to affect or delay the outcome or be looked at negatively? 2) Now that we are uploading evidence, should we including documents that prove our relationship from the date we got married (nov 2019) to application date (march 2020)? Or include all evidence until today? 3) Is it better to format a PDF or word doc which includes the photos, forms, bank statements etc.. with captions and dates to explain it or just upload the raw evidence? I've noticed there is a limit of 1 document per sub-category. 4) Does anyone have any ideas on a timeline from date of application until the final PR is granted? Thank you so much for reading and contributing!
  3. Fantastic and congrats! Can I ask which country you applied from and did you come from a prospective marriage visa or just applied via the 820 subclass.
  4. I (Indian citizen) have recently been approved for a PMV (300) partner visa to my husband (An Australian citizen from Indian descent). I wanted to see if anyone here can point me in the right direction of bringing my mother (Indian citizen) to Australia. Other than a tourist/visitor visa. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for your response! I’ll follow up with my employer to change it.
  6. Hoping someone here can help clarify.. Got a job in Australia but I am being taxed at the foreign resident rate (32%) on my PMV. Is this correct? I would have though the ‘Australian resident for tax purposes’ would apply. Many thanks in advance
  7. Finally got our PMV approved!!! Date of application: April 10th 2018 (from India) Medical checks etc: mid September 2018 Grant letter: September 5th 2019 So approx 16months...long wait but got it in the end. Now a 4 year wait until PR
  8. My wife has her PMV 300 visa approved and has her working rights. However she is getting many rejections visa job agencies citing that because her visa is temporary they aren’t willing to progress to the interview stage. Has anyone else had this issue? She has had a fantastic professional employment history with an Australian tertiary degree (undergrad + masters). We are in Sydney. Thanks!
  9. Hi ralexander, I am in a similar situation to you (Aust citizen and my partner is an Indian citizen) except we applied for the PMV 300 in April 2018 through an agent and to date have not heard anything. She has been travelling in and out of Australia since January this year on a visitor visa. Our agent has advised that Indian and African embassys are taking the longest to grant these offshore visas When we applied the visa processing times were 13 months but now is 22 months. I dont understand how the new processing time applies for visas that were applied before the times changed. We don't mind the wait, but its the not knowing how long this piece of string is that is really dibilitating @AFV do you know if case officers are assigned to offshore visas (as our agent hasn't been too forthcoming with this), and also a friend of ours claims that they went into the physical office of immigration to follow up on their visa - can this be done?
  10. Yup the same, still on received status. And yes it's looking like that long unfortunately. Our application is from India, what about yours? Also do you have a CO assigned to you?
  11. We applied in April 2018 with the help of a migration agent, with all the medicals and police cleareances requested and done within 6 months. However to date we still haven't heard anything
  12. Hi everyone. Just wanted to see if anyone had any information on PMV’s that have been granted recently. We applied for ours 13 months ago and my fiancé had a medical 10 months ago. I (the sponsor) received a late night call from the Australian department (based in New Delhi, India) about 2 months back. But since then nothing. We are getting so frustrated at the lack of insight into this process (including our migration agent) that I wanted to see if this community can help. Many thanks!
  13. Thanks Bridge. That answered my reply to AFV I think i'll have a serious chat with the agent on this week to sort this out. They were not cheap at $3300 so I was hoping for more assistance and options from them.
  14. Thanks for your quick response. I should have also stated that I am an Australian citizen, residing here permanently but I was born in India and my fiance is from India (living in India). As our families are all based there we are having the wedding over there. We were thinking about her getting the tourist visa to come and get married here via a civil registration and then go back for the wedding ceremony. However, our agent said it's better we wait for the PMV to come through first. So now we aren't sure what to do Edit - Is it also possible to find out the times for the aforementioned visa's granted between the medical and grant date please. Also, which countries were the visa applicants in. Thank you.
  15. Hi, I'm new to this forum. Our PMV lodgement was in April this year via a migration agent. Everything seemed to be travelling quickly as the medical was ordered by Immi mid July. Our agent said that usually this is the last part before the visa is granted. The medical was absolutely fine and all background checks were good too. But since then we have heard nothing. Our agent is saying that all her visa grants have dried up due to the recent shuffle in the government. I was wondering if anyone out there can shine a light on this? We have our wedding booked, planned and paid for in late December and as one of the guidelines for PMV is that we have to get married after the visa is granted, we are getting nervous that the grant times are getting longer. Thanks
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