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  1. Applying from the Philippines, thanks
  2. Hi all, thanks for the great help last time. My tourist visa was approved. Now, have to ask for my brother’s case. When my mom decided to apply for tourist visas last February, she did not think to include our youngest brother since he had visited Australia when he competed in the Junior Davis Cup when he was a student. Plus, our oldest brother’s not going either. When my visa got approved last October, the youngest brother expressed his interest to join since we’re now planning to watch the Australian Open. I mean, he IS the tennis player in the family. Problem is, their team in the company got dissolved last April, so he is now unemployed. He is waiting to take the civil service exam for a position in the government (this will take a few months). He also had torn ACL surgery last year and is now just starting to compete again in local tournaments. Would really love for him to try to go, but he’s not considering anymore since he’s scared he’s going to get rejected because of unemployment. Would like to ask what would be his chances. There are a lot of photos of him online currently competing. I can also present myself as the one paying for his trip (though I dont want to buy the tickets yet unlike in my parents, sister’s and my case where we already had flight tickets to present in the visa application). If he could present more tournament invitations, would it help? He’s 26, has an expired US visa (never used) and expired Korean visa (he was invited to compete in 2015). Just have Singapore for travel abroad after 2015. He really should have applied together w my parents when he was still employed, but that’s done. What other measures or documents can we present to have a strong chance? Thanks a lot and would appreciate any feedback.
  3. Thanks very much for your replies.
  4. Thanks for the advice. So, this would be better to correct it together with the new application? I was considering to submit form 1023 notification of incorrect information to settle this once and for all and before starting any new applications.
  5. Would like to ask about my case since I cannot find any similar one online. Ive been granted a tourist visa last year and now it’s expired. I have used it, but now I want to visit again to see another city so I just started my current application. There’s a question “Have you ever been refused a visa to AUS or any other country?” I have been refused US visa before so answer should be YES. But i started wondering why I dont remember this question from last year’s application. So I checked my previous application, and there, I answered NO. The question was phrased differently and was longer I may have overlooked it or thought it was only asking about Australian visas. I really want to correct this mistake before I apply for a new visa, even if that visa w the wrong info had already expired. How will this affect my future applications? I’m now paranoid they might think I was deceitful, especially since I was able to use the visa. I am currently checking my previous passports I also dont remember the exact date the refusal occured.