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  1. Hey, I actually read it's only 3 months each stay. 😫 and I can't do bridging visa too since I applied offshore
  2. Hi All, Sorry I created a new topic for my inquiry. I'm currently on multiple entries for tourist visa. My visa condition are 8101 and 8201. Period of stay: 3 months on each arrival. I'm planning to go Sydney early next year and stay there til the partner 309 gets finalized. Given the visa condition stated above, am I allowed to stay for more than 3 months? Thank you!
  3. That's awesome! Thanks for the info. 😊
  4. Hey Guys, I currently have a tourist visa which will expire next year. My visa 309 is still processing at the moment. I'm thinking of staying in Sydney early next year til they give an update regarding the status of 309. I've done the medical check but that already expired. When I go to Sydney and they ask for the medical check, do I have to go back to Manila and get the medical done here or will they allow to have the medical in Sydney? Thank you!
  5. I agree to that. It's also very costly to book tickets just to see your partner. My partner and I take turns to see each other every 3-4 months while waiting for the visa. We know that we can't take long leave from work here in PH every 3-4 months. I submitted everything that's applicable to us. Even had the medical done in hope that in case they check on our application, everything's been submitted. I'm still waiting. The status is still on Received. The timeframes changing a lot too but recently it's been on 15-20 months processing time. It can get frustrating given the time and money wasted because of LDR. I constantly check the forum for people who might have the visa granted and the wait times.
  6. Hey there, I applied for partner visa 309. It's been 13 months now. Still within the processing times. Wow that's been such a long wait. 😣
  7. Hi All, I was checking on home affairs website and came across the migration program. So for Partner visa alone, they're capping the numbers to 39,799 (2019-2020). Since they have a massive number of backlogs, I wonder if this includes the applications in 2018. I lodged my application for Partner 309 in 2018 and still on Received status. I've been consistently reading the forums and checking my emails for any updates. Fortunately, I have not heard from them. It's been a year now and I'm still looking forward to hearing from them. How many among you are on Partner 309 application and what's the current status?
  8. Hey Maryaine, Hope all is well. I'm also from PH but not married. I saw a similar post regarding your concern. Just couldn't find it here. Anyway, I read this If either you or your sponsor are still married to another person at the time of lodgement of a de facto partner visa, you will need to provide evidence that your previous relationship is no longer ongoing. I'm not sure if it's going to work given that you are still legally married in the Philippines but maybe other evidences would support your eligibility.
  9. Hey there, Congrats on the visa approval. May I know from which country your wife applied? We've applied for Partner 309 visa August 2018. I've uploaded almost everything applicable to us. It's been a year now and the status is still received. Sponsor status is still on Submitted. It's still within the timeframe but it gets frustrating at times. I don't know how the home affairs team is checking but I made sure that I got everything ready and continuously updating whenever possible. Never got contacted. I only received a generated email cause it's been a year now.
  10. Yes, applied offshore. I know it's still within the processing times. Such a waiting game lol. Just hoping to receive an email soon regarding the progress.
  11. I applied for partner visa 309 last year August 2018. That's when I submitted all necessary docs. However, it's been 12 months and I haven't received any updates. Status is still Received.
  12. Hey, I think writing your surname and your given names (excluding the middle name - mother's maiden name) is okay. They will still check your valid id's so I don't think it will be a big issue. I just wrote down my surname and name.
  13. Hey Jackie, Middle name in other countries is actually a second name here ex. Patricia Jane. Jane is the middle name. In Philippines, middle name is actually considered as your mom's maiden name. When I filled out the form, I used my mom's maiden name as the middle name. Regarding the question have you lived separately. State yes and write down why. Like in your case, you are in a long distance relationship that's why you live separately but dont forget to mention how often you see each other and how often you communicate so they will know.
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