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  1. I'm still in the Philippines. I visit Australia while my application was ongoing.
  2. Hi All, Just want to share with you that my partner visa 309 has been granted. Applied from Philippines. Date of Application: August 2018 Date of Grant: September 2020 Thanks everyone! Stay safe and healthy!
  3. Hi, I hope everyone is safe and healthy! I decided to take the risk of doing the medical check. Thankfully the status of the medical is Health clearance provided – no action required, so I'm assuming this is all cleared. For those who have been granted the visa, do you mind sharing how long did you wait for your visa to be granted? The status now is Further Assessment. I'd like to get some details if you can share as I don't know how long it'll take given that there's a pandemic and approval is very few due to travel restrictions. But, just an idea on the average waiting time/s you had. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi All, I received an update from ImmiAccount requesting for an updated police check and medical check. I managed to provide the police clearance. However, my utmost concern is the medical check. I have an appointment tomorrow but I fear of contracting covid at the clinic. Philippines is continuously having covid19 cases rising. They mentioned that if I cant go, I need to provide proofs such as receipt, sched of appointment. My other worry is they might delay further the application or if they are not convinced with my reason, they might refuse. We have been waiting for more than 2 years. Far beyond the processing times. I cannot risk losing the visa yet I cannot risk getting infected without knowing and put my relatives at home in danger. Can anyone please help advise on this?
  5. Oh that's really good! No, I haven't. It's still on Received status. I received 2 auto generated emails saying it's still in progress but the status hasn't changed at all.
  6. Oh that's a lot shorter. How long have you been waiting?
  7. Hi, Yes, processing times had dropped a lot. I'm really hoping for a good news. I applied from the Philippines. Processing times and number of grants have been significantly slow. How about you?
  8. Hi All, Processing times for visa 309 was recently changed to 13 - 17 months. My application will be on 21 months this coming May 27th. Given that the processing times has been updated, do you think I can email the immigration to follow up? Would you be able to share the email address of the immigration where I can contact them? Thanks!
  9. Hi All, Anyone who had their visa approved or any updates? Applied for Visa 309 from PH in August 2018. Status is still on RECEIVED. Processing time is now 13 months - 21 months. Hoping to know about others' application status.
  10. Hey, I actually read it's only 3 months each stay. 😫 and I can't do bridging visa too since I applied offshore
  11. Hi All, Sorry I created a new topic for my inquiry. I'm currently on multiple entries for tourist visa. My visa condition are 8101 and 8201. Period of stay: 3 months on each arrival. I'm planning to go Sydney early next year and stay there til the partner 309 gets finalized. Given the visa condition stated above, am I allowed to stay for more than 3 months? Thank you!
  12. That's awesome! Thanks for the info. 😊
  13. Hey Guys, I currently have a tourist visa which will expire next year. My visa 309 is still processing at the moment. I'm thinking of staying in Sydney early next year til they give an update regarding the status of 309. I've done the medical check but that already expired. When I go to Sydney and they ask for the medical check, do I have to go back to Manila and get the medical done here or will they allow to have the medical in Sydney? Thank you!
  14. I agree to that. It's also very costly to book tickets just to see your partner. My partner and I take turns to see each other every 3-4 months while waiting for the visa. We know that we can't take long leave from work here in PH every 3-4 months. I submitted everything that's applicable to us. Even had the medical done in hope that in case they check on our application, everything's been submitted. I'm still waiting. The status is still on Received. The timeframes changing a lot too but recently it's been on 15-20 months processing time. It can get frustrating given the time and money wasted because of LDR. I constantly check the forum for people who might have the visa granted and the wait times.
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