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  1. Congratulations! All the best!
  2. I'm actually from Manila. We didn't use any lawyer or migration agent. There was one who recently got her visa 309 and 100 approved. Married with kids (Department granted the PR since they've been in a long term relationship). They applied June 2018 and got the Approval August 2019. I have a feeling they'll be contacting us soon before it gets to 1 year (cross fingers).
  3. No worries! Would love to keep in contact too. Been constantly checking on the forum for any similar cases hehe. Processing times for the Partner Visa keeps on changing. As of now it's 15-20 months. Sometimes it goes lower or higher. I think it depends on the cases that they're processing. But I'm hoping we'll both get an update really soon! :)
  4. Hi there! We've applied for Partner visa 309 August 2018 and haven't heard anything yet. I guess we'll just have to wait to be contacted by a CO. Current processing time is 15-20 months.
  5. I think you don't need to take another medical since it says it's still currently being processed that's why you're unable to get another one.
  6. I think it has something to do with this instructions. I applied August 2018 and my medical was submitted September 2018. So there's a possibility that I will undergo another medical.
  7. Hey there! Did you take the medical last October 30th 2018? It should be valid for 12 months. If it's been more than that then you will need to take another one.
  8. Got it. Thanks for the information!
  9. Wow! Congratulations on the approval of both 309 and 100! :) Hope those who are on pending will also be granted theirs soon!
  10. Hey there, Is that a legit Agent? We applied on our own and read through the forum for helpful insights. It's been almost 12 months now and we still havent received any updates. Application status is still on received though everything needed has been submitted. Just really waiting for it to be assessed. Hope we'll both get an update.
  11. I feel you there. Mine's still on received status since the date of Application August 2018. If by the time the medical has lapsed and they haven't looked into the application, chances are she'll have to do the medical again.
  12. Hello, We've applied for Partner 309 Visa last year August 2018. Up until now the sponsor status is still on submitted and my application is still on received status. (All required documents have been submitted). I've read some here that they submitted a few months ago and their papers are now being processed. Would you know how the immigration is processing this? I thought that they process according to the time the application was submitted. Does this mean the country where you are applying from have factors? I know we're still within the processing times, I just don't get if they process randomly. Hope you can advise. Thanks!
  13. Got to read your message :) Thanks for the reply. Hope yours get approved :)
  14. I hope it'll work that way. I got my tourist visa approved. Hopefully a case officer will be assigned to check on our partner visa application.
  15. Hey there, Wow! Good for you! Which country are you from? Been waiting for 10 months now and ours is still on Received status.
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