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  1. Hi Everyone, My partner and I lodged our application last August 2018 and it's still on Received status and submitted for sponsor.
  2. smac26

    309 Visa Application

    Hi, We lodged our application August 2018 and just checked now status is still on Received. How long did you wait for a case officer to be assigned on your application?
  3. smac26

    Partner visa

    Hey Pauline, That's great news! congrats on your visa. Were you able to check when the status of your application changed from received to Initial Assessment or Finalised?
  4. smac26

    Other Important Documents

    My partner had done the statutory declaration from his side just in case. We've attached as much documents we have. I'm trying to get to know if people can give possible questions or documents that the home affairs may require so we can prepare ahead. We're just really hoping we'll get approve for the partner visa. Thanks for the response :)
  5. smac26

    Other Important Documents

    Hi there, Thanks for the advise. We've written a summary of the relationship including the items you have listed. We've uploaded all documents that we have and I think the only one that we were not able to upload are mostly items that are not applicable such as household bills and expenses since we're not living together but the rest have been completed.
  6. smac26

    Other Important Documents

    Hi there, Yes, we have done the Form 888 from my partner's side. The registered relationship receipt has been uploaded to the immiaccount. Once we receive the actual documentation, we will also have that uploaded.
  7. smac26

    Partner Visa 309 - Processing Time

    Hi Mrs Brooks, Thanks for the advise. I just recently came back from my trip to Sydney. My boyfriend and I had our relationship registered as we have read that this will waive the requirements of living together for 12 months since we live in different countries. We've attached all possible documents and still checking on things that they may require from us.
  8. smac26

    Other Important Documents

    Hi All, I've previously started a topic, and we have submitted the partner visa application. I just recently came back from my trip to Sydney. My boyfriend and I have registered our relationship which we will later on attach to the immiaccount. We are not using a migration agent though we've read lots of forums and attached all necessary information needed. How important is the statutory declaration? It's been 3 months since we have lodged our application and it's still on "Received" status. I'd like to know what other possible questions or things are necessary so we can prepare for it. Hoping you can give an advise.
  9. Thank you both for the information. We will be booking an appointment to have the relationship registered and hope that our application will be granted.
  10. This just got me worried now. He lives in Sydney, NSW. We have already lodged the application and completed the medical and other forms applicable to us. Does this mean we need to have the relationship registered in order to be considered as de facto? To follow up as well, we have opted to apply for Partner Visa 309 as we are planning on permanently living together for a few years before we decide to get married. What would be the best option here?
  11. Hi there, I have a question regarding this part. My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for a year and a half now. We would normally see each other a couple of times in a year. We have applied for the Partner Visa 309. I was going through the link and would like to ask for your thoughts regarding our situation? What are the chances that our relationship will be considered as de facto? I'm starting to get worried. Can you please help advise on this?
  12. smac26

    Partner Visa 309 - Processing Time

    That's good. Congratulations on your engagement. We've met last year Feb 2017 while he was here. He went around 4 times last year and 3 times this year and I went to Australia twice this year and will visit again before the year ends. On an average, he would stay here for 2 weeks each visit and I do the same. We have considered PMV but we opted to try the subclass 309. Relationship is close to 2 years. Good luck to you too. Hoping this will be granted!
  13. smac26

    Partner Visa 309 - Processing Time

    We have recorded the number of times that he had visited here and where he stayed with me and vice versa. Usually hotel or airbnb. He called up the home affairs a couple of times to confirm and they have said it's okay given that we will be able to provide as much documents as we can. The relationship has been more than a year and I'm hoping that this will continue / considered given that we have consistently communicating since day 1.
  14. smac26

    Partner Visa 309 - Processing Time

    Oh really? I wasn't aware. But you think we're qualified for the subclass 309? We've spent time together whenever we will see each other.
  15. smac26

    Partner Visa 309 - Processing Time

    Yes, I think as long as you can provide the documents they require, you should be fine. Though it might really take a while depending on the processing times. He paid using PayPal. As soon as you pay, you'll see all the requirements needed to submit. I'm not sure if the requirements of subclass 309 is the same with PMV. I think it's best if you'll lodge your application as I've been reading forums and I think some are taking time, so if you'll lodge your application now, you'll be able to complete as much requirements as possible. That way, once the case officer checks, you're almost complete and will just wait if they need additional requirements. You can ask your fiance to call up home affairs if there are things you need clarification so you'll have progress while waiting for someone to check on your application.