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  1. Hi all, We would like to seek for an advise. We submitted offshore 300 back in Nov 2018 and still no progress. I've been here in Australia for a tourist visa, since December 2018 living in with my fiance and currently pregnant. We're thinking of converting our application from 200 to 309. Our proof would be our living situation for more than a year now and my current situation (37 weeks pregnant). (We know that I will still need to go back to my country before approval even if the application was converted) Questions are: 1. Will it be a good idea to convert it to 309 now? we're worried we'll wait for another year again just to get an approval. 2. We're not married yet since obviously we're waiting for the approval of our 300 application, but if we submit that we've been living in now, is that enough proof?
  2. No worries @aussie_83 Thanks for the advise
  3. If incase the PMV wont get an approval before my due date, its okay. We are more concerned w/ overstaying for more than 3 months since my due date is also on July.
  4. We are planning to give birth in Australia. My GP is here.
  5. Hi, I'm currently here in Melbourne on a tourist visa while waiting for the approval of our Prospective Marriage visa. We've been waiting for the approval for 16 months now. I am also pregnant and will need to leave the country by April so I won't overstay as a tourist. My concern is my due date will be on July. It means, if our PMV wont get an approval by that time, I will need to leave Australia again at around July. Ive been following the rules and I dont want to overstay but I also dont want to risk my health and our soon-to-be baby traveling near my due date. I dont think the airlines would even allow me. My fiance and I aren't sure on what other options we have..
  6. Hi, I'm currently on a tourist visa and I am staying in Australia with my fiance while we wait for the approval of our PMV. We lodged our PMV offshore. My tourist visa will expire next month. Am I eligible to apply for a bridging visa? or should we just apply for a tourist visa extension? Thanks.
  7. Hi, we recently applied for a PMV offshore and now waiting for an approval. Since I have a tourist visa w/ multiple entry, I'll be visiting Aus by the end of the year, and will stay there until 2nd week of March. Just to make sure, I've read that we need to notify immigration that I'll travel and will be in Australia before the year ends.if that's the case, what is the process for this?thanks in advance :)
  8. Aside from the declarations made my my fiance's family and friends from Australia, my partner and I decided to add declarations from my family and friends here in the Philippines. They used form 888 as well. They emailed the forms together with scanned copy of their passport. Do I still need to have this certified? If yes, does anyone know where?
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