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  1. Hi - Thanks for your answers - it was a great help. I got the insurance for the little one from Allianz. And ambo cover for my partner. Tickets are booked next Wednesday i will fly to Thailand to pick up my family and Saturday back to Aussie :-) Both got the 12 month multiple entry visa. So every 3 months we can fly to Bali for a short holiday and relax for Daddy It gives us enough time to apply for the partner visa Cheers Stefan
  2. I have one more question ? I'm searching for an health insurance for my daughter - she is just one year old. Any suggestions? Thanks Stefan
  3. Hi, we got the visa granted :-) the daughter was no problem with her German passport, my partner had to do the medical but that's ok. And the only conditions: Visa conditions 8101 - No work 8201 - Maximum three months study Visa duration and travel Date of grant 06 November 2018 Must not arrive after 06 November 2019 Length of stay 3 month(s) from the date of each arrival Travel Multiple entries Length of stay 3 month(s) from the date of each arrival - I don't understand this? Does it mean if she goes back to Thailand she can come back for another 3 months on the same visa? Or is it the total stay of 3 months? And I can apply for the partner visa when they are here in Australia Thanks so much for your help Cheers Stefan
  4. ok, thanks - my partner just been to Bangkok yesterday for the biometrics stuff know she has to fly back one more time But it is what it is.. Cheers Stefan
  5. ok we got the biometrics stuff done :-) now we received another request ? Request Detail Immigration Health Examinations You are required to undergo the following health examination(s) to ensure that you meet the health requirement for Visitor (Tourist) (subclass 600) visa. ● Medical Examination ● Chest X-ray Examination is this normal ? cheers stefan
  6. Any idea where i can get the PID in Thailand ? Requirement to provide personal identifiers (biometrics) for the purposes of section 40 of the Migration Act 1958 (the Act) in regard to your Visitor (class FA) Visitor (Tourist) (subclass 600) visa application Where is the next Visa Application Centre or Biometrics Collection Centre in Thailand ? Thanks Cheers Stefan
  7. Hi, Its maybe a stupid question but can I use my immi account to lodge the online visa or do I have to open an account in the name of the visitor? Cheers Stefan
  8. J Hi, I try to finalize and submit the visa application this weekend I will go with the 6 months stay. I just received the German passport for our daughter. I have to attach a certified copy of the passport - where can I certify the copy in Thailand? What else should I consider - I need a letter of invitation are there any templates on the net? Is it better to attach evidence that I known her for a period of time? We got one child and we are knowing each other for 2 years I support them with 30000 bath per month. I like to get health insurance for her do you have any suggestions ? Thanks Cheers Stefan
  9. I fill the online application for a Subclass 600 tourist stream. The question is on page number 15
  10. I am filling the application for the Visitor visa Subclass 600 Visitor stream. And im not sure about a few questions ? Non-accompanying members of the family unitDoes the applicant have any members of their family unit not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents?Do I have to list everyone from her family who is not coming to Australia for a visit? Health insurance Does the applicant have health insurance arranged for their stay in Australia? Do I have to arrange a health insurance? Any suggestions about the type of insurance and with who? Thanks Cheers Stefan
  11. Thanks, good to know I will use the tourist stream :-) If we are lucky we can apply for the partner visa here if not we apply when they get back to thailand. Cheers Stefan
  12. Hi Privatepilot, Do I apply online for the Visa Subclass 600 stream Tourist or stream sponsored family ? Is the Visa easy to get? What are the difficulties to get the visa, any tips ? Thanks Cheers Stefan
  13. thanks this is very interesting... If I apply for a Visitor Visa I only can hope that she gets the visa without the condition 8503 ? So that's a gamble... But if we apply in Thailand for a partner Visa and after we apply for a Visitor Visa my partner and our baby can come for a visit. Cheers Stefan