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  1. Hey everyone Is there a limit to apply for partner visa before my partners student visa runs out. Is it possible to apply a few days before? Paying MasterCard not bay Thanks
  2. Hi My partner is from Japan. We are planning on doing a pv application. She has lived with me since August 2018 Relationship began Dec 17 My daughter got sick and medical bills piled up. I need another 3 or 4 months to spare the 7500$ fee. Is it a bad idea for her to go home for a few months and come back on a tourist visa and then we,apply for PV? Her student visa will run out early Sep this year. And this is her second concurrent student visa since March 17. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info
  4. Hi, does anyone know once you apply you get bridging visa and then you send evidence in? Or do they sometimes make a decision of no straight away?
  5. Thanks for everyone’s reply. If we apply , I know it’s temporary partner first. Is my understanding correct that it takes some time for it to be decided, and in that time my divorce will be finalized and we can supply more evidence of de facto living together and shared bank account expenses etc? Bridging Visa A is granted as soon as you apply? Or can they just say no straight away ? Again thanks
  6. Thanks I’m thinking we might be better for her to go home briefly and maybe get tourist visa or apply offshore ? my divorce should be finalized by Jan 19. Although she doesn’t really want to, but it’s alot of money I would rather have a better looking application. As I read de facto is living together, we saw each other every weekend for 4 months but I think they would consider that big/gf?
  7. Hi, few questions if anyone has experience or knowledge. Im separated 2.5 years but still legally married, would like to apply for partner visa with Japanese lady. will be in 12 month relationship on 1st December, but only living together since end of July 18 cant get relationship certificate obviously as still married. Does anyone know if they will reject it straight away? Also her student visa runs out on 30 December, if we apply in early December does that leave enough time? Thanks
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