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  1. Ok. I am very thankful for all your help. I have one last question. Please help me out in this one. I think I had not mentioned a few short term visits back home simply due to laziness. Should I mention them now or let them go? Or should I also mention them and write a letter of explanation that I skipped them for being lazy in the previous form 80?
  2. Thanks a lot for your assistance. I have one last question. Why are they asking us to fill the form 80 again? They have not elaborated why but do they need us to change something?
  3. Thanks for providing me this reply. But I still don't know what exact documentation should I submit in my case? Do I just write down these factors on a piece of paper and submit? Along with relationship statement and signed statements from friends and family? Will that be enough to satisfy the department?
  4. Hi, I had applied for Recognized Graduate Visa 476 in December and it is now that I have finally received a reply in which they are asking me to refill the form 80 for both myself and my wife who was included in the application. Although I had provided my digitally verifiable Marriage Certificate attested from the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan and also from the Chinese embassy (because my wife is a Chinese), the department does not seem to be convinced has asked us to provide more evidence of relationship. Provide evidence of the financial aspects of your relationship. This may include: ● any joint ownership of real estate or other major assets ● any joint liabilities ● the extent of any pooling of financial resources, especially in relation to major financial commitments ● whether you or your spouse owe any legal obligation in respect of the other ● the basis of any sharing of day-to-day household expenses. Provide evidence of the nature of your household. This may include: ● any joint responsibility for care and support of children, if any ● your living arrangements ● any sharing of responsibility for housework. Provide evidence of the social aspects of your relationship. This may include: ● whether you and your spouse represent yourselves to other people as being married to each other ● statements from family and friends about the nature of your relationship ● any basis on which you and your spouse plan and undertake joint social activities. Provide evidence of the nature of your commitment to each other. This may include: ● the duration of your relationship ● the length of time you and your spouse have lived together ● the degree of companionship and emotional support that you draw from each other ● whether you and your spouse see the relationship as a long-term one. ● Please provide a relationship statement written from both Primary and Secondary applicants which provides history of your relationship and addresses the criteria above. So what am I supposed to provide exactly? It doesn't help me one bit and doesn't specifically asks me for any particular document. 1. Financial Aspect We dont own any financial assets together neither do we have any joint liabilities that can be proven. We live in China where all our transactions are digital on Alipay or WeChatpay so we dont even need any joint bank account or something. We pay our bills on Alipay or Wechatpay as well. Our salaries are received on Alipay. There are no receipts of anything. They just get registered as money transfers in the transactions list on Alipay or WeChatpay like anything else. What can we provide as proof of the basis of sharing of day-to-day household expenses? 2. Nature of Household We live on rent and our rent document is 16 pages, all in Chinese. Can we just translate the necessary pages in the contract because getting the whole document translated from a registered translator is extremely expensive? And how the hell are we supposed to provide evidence of the sharing of responsibilities for housework? It makes no sense. 3. Social Aspects We can provide signed statements from Family and friends but how many exactly required? And what does the "basis on which you and your spouse plan and undertake joint social activities" is supposed to mean and what kind of evidence in the Australian expecting? 4. Nature of Commitment. We can provide relationship statement. Can we just write and just co-sign it? These are my questions. I will be really thankful for getting a reply. I was only given 28 days to provide all the required details. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Everyone, I have recently applied for the Australian work visa 476 and submitted all the documents that I could until now for me and my wife. However, we are facing a lot of concerns regarding the Form 80. It seems to me to be an immigration form. But this is an 18 month work visa. I saw a video from a consultant on youtube providing guidelines for filling this form and he says that we wouldnt be receiving this form from them if we are applying for a temporary visa. The form is straight forward but confusing at the same time and given both me and my wife have a rich travel history with plenty of addresses and experiences to share, I dont know whether it is worth the effort or not. So I would like to ask the question as to whether this form is a compulsory requirement for visa 476 or not? Thank you.
  6. Thanks a lot AusieDude, You have been a great help. I had applied while remaining in Pakistan because I did not want to delay any longer. But now, I am in China, I recently arrived, I will update to them my new address now. This being an online visa was a great news for me.
  7. Hi, I am a graduate from a Washington Accord accredited Pakistani University. I am planning to apply Australian visa 476 and for that, I have gathered all the requirements. Now, I only need to apply. My wife is a Chinese. She will be included in my application and until just a few days ago, she was living with me in Pakistan but had to move back due to her mother being sick. I am also planning to go to China and apply from there. Can I apply from China instead of Pakistan? If I can then after how much time of filing the online application do Australia require us to submit the hard copy of the passport and for how long at average do they keep it until returning it with visa sticker? On the home ministry website, they have only given estimated times for visa processing but I am rather interested in when will my passport be taken and for how long?
  8. Hi, Thanks a lot for your reply in this regard. After 18 months, I think I will be able to obtain the 188 visa under Entrepreneurship stream.
  9. Hi and thanks for your feedback. Yes my institute is Washington accord accredited and also PEC accredited. Infact my university was the first one to gain accredition from Washington accord in the whole country and lots of my seniors have already reached Australia successfully on 476. But all of them were job centric. I am an Entrepreneur. And therefore I would like to go for a startup. Particularly in Adelaide. I would really appreciate if you could guide me about whether I am allowed to setup a company in Australia on 476 or not. Thank you
  10. Hi, I am a recent graduate from an accredited Engineering Institute from Pakistan. I have a startup idea which I would like to form into a company and get it incubated in Australia. Can I do that on my 476 visa? Will 476 allow me to do business in Australia as an Entrepreneur or am I only allowed to do work in some existing Australian Enterprise. Thank you
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