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  1. AlexC

    Previous relationship details

    ok will do! thanks :-)
  2. Thank you very much! Everything went smoothly. :-)
  3. Sorry I should mention that this is for a short trip, I'll be back on Oct 27th
  4. Oh one more thing, do I have to declare anywhere (like in ImmiAccount or via email) that I'll be traveling overseas while still on the WHV? I have to leave for overseas tomorrow unexpectedly so would appreciate any help!
  5. Hi, We're filling in the sponsorship application today and wondering whether I made a mistake while completing the sponsor details on my applicant part which has already been submitted and paid for. My partner (sponsor) has been engaged previously to someone else, so under previous relationship details I put 'relationship status: engaged' since I thought it meant the status it was at the time, also because it asks for a 'date the relationship ended' after that. My partner has clearly explained in his statutory declaration what happened and how he separated from his previous partner. Now we're thinking it might have meant the relationship status at present, so I should have put 'separated' instead of 'engaged'... Do you think it's ok for my sponsor to put 'separated' instead of 'engaged' when he fills in his sponsorship application? Do I have to send in a form to modify the information on my application, or is it fine to leave it as is? Also, I just realized that I forgot to put two days that I was in the Netherlands on the list of countries that I travhelled to from my home country (Belgium) in the last ten years.... but it's within the European Union and I put everything else there (any other times I went to the Netherlands as well)... do you think I need to send in a request to modify that as well?? I can't believe I forgot to put that... but it's so hard finding and remembering all info for the last ten years!! I'm stressing out a lot about this now, any advice is appreciated... Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
  6. Thanks a lot for confirming! That does help :-)
  7. Ok thanks for confirming! :-)
  8. AlexC

    Uploading documents for Partner Visa 820

    Ok thanks, that's clear. For the social and financial aspects (things like our joint bank statements, letters and cards we received, proof of travel etc) I'll actually be using the 'other' category then since they don't really fit anywhere else. For whoever's interested, I did upload a duplicate before I saw this (same phone bill under applicant to prove nature of household and under sponsor to show living at address) and it actually shows the filename ending in _1.pdf in one of the cases, so to me that confirms that once is enough ☺️
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused about the possibility of leaving and coming back to Australia. I'm currently here on a Working Holiday visa which is valid until May 2019. I just applied for the partner visa 820 and was granted the Bridging visa A (woohoo!). Now in the grant letter it actually states 'This bridging visa will end if you leave Australia'. Does this also count if I leave while my working holiday visa is still active? I was planning to go and visit my family in March or April. I've searched online and found people saying both: either (1) the BVA ends as soon as I leave and will have to be reinstated somehow when I come back (how?), or (2) I'll still be on the WHV so I'll be totally fine, the BVA will only start in May anyway. The grant letter also states that the BVA will only become active once the WHV has expired, but still, I'd just like to be 100% sure. Finally I also found this on the Dept of Home Affairs website (https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/020-? If you still hold a substantive visa that allows you to travel and you believe you can return to Australia before your substantive visa ends, it is your decision whether or not you want to apply for and be granted a BVB before you travel. What do they mean by 'it's your decision'?? Is it safer to apply for a BVB just to be sure? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  10. Hi everyone! I just submitted my partner visa 820 application and the payment has been received, so I'm now ready to start uploading documents. The 'recommended' categories displayed would actually result in me uploading a lot of documents two or three times. For example, I can put our lease agreement under 'Address - residential, evidence of', but also under 'Couple are living together, evidence of', or even under 'Nature of the couple's household, evidence of'. Or our statutory declarations illustrate all four required aspects (household, financial, social, commitment), some of the form 888 declarations illustrate both the household and social aspects... Or our joint bank statements, some household bills also fall under several categories... you get my point. So I've just spent a few hours making an excel sheet with all my documents and the categories I want to submit them under, and all in all I would be submitting 56 documents (with duplicates counted twice). That should leave me enough to keep submitting stuff in the next 20-25 months as needed, right? Or should I avoid submitting duplicates at all? I'd rather make it as easy for the case officer as possible, so I'm thinking it might be useful to have a statement from friends under several categories so it's obvious that it illustrates all those points? There isn't even a category for the social or financial aspects of the relationship (but there is one for the nature of the household or of the commitment - go figure), so I'm going to classify that under 'relationship - spouse, de facto partner, evidence of' since that one has a lot of document types that I could use, and then I think I'll just put in the description that it's to illustrate the social or financial aspects. I hope this is all right... any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!