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  1. ****RANT ALERT****** Hi all, Sorry to hear that there are so many people waiting. I don't know how you cope with it... I'm nearly at 16 months with a no work condition which is completely the worst thing for me (can't lift it as our finances are ok on partners wage). I had a business back in NZ and now I just have to sit around and watch everyone else live their lives. It's so hard as when I put the application in at the start I thought it would just be a few months. It's really pushing me to my limits. Would be great to hear some good news stories. Oh and I spoke to an immigration lawyer about a month ago (which was no help in any way btw) and he said that immigration have now outsourced their call centre so the people on the phone aren't even immigration people anymore. No point calling. I don't know how a country of such brilliant people can have such a truly terrible system like this. I want to be an active, useful member of society, but they force us to sit and drain resources for years while we wait. Ridiculous.