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  1. gr91

    Statutory Declaration clarification

    Okay great, thanks! And for the non-Australians, did you get their statements notarized or certified of some sort?
  2. gr91

    Statutory Declaration clarification

    Hey I have one more question for you, if you don't mind. How many stat dec's did you turn in? Already getting two, which are the witnesses and they'll be using form 888. But wondering if I should get more Australians to do one? Also, I am from the US, should I have some of my friends write a statement? And would that need to be notarized? Thank you!!
  3. gr91

    Statutory Declaration clarification

    Thank you so much, that makes much more sense!! Did you still include "a statement about your relationship that describes the following"?
  4. gr91

    partner visa subclass 309-100

    Hi I know we need stat dec's from the eye witnesses to our relationship who are Australian, but can I submit testimonials from non-Australians as well? And would they have to be notarized?
  5. Hey Everyone! I am currently stressing over the first part of the application portion for the off shore partner visa, and have confused myself. In the application, it asks for details regarding social aspects, finances, etc., is this where I make references to the additional documents I will be uploading? Are my answers here going to be the same thing as what I write in the Statutory Declaration I submit about our relationship? Or what is the difference between my answers in my application and the Stat Dec I submit?? I haven't even seen in the application where it asks for a stat dec to be submitted, I've come across that requirement elsewhere. Thanks so much in advance, Greg