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  1. Thanks so much AussieDude. I spent all weekend on it, combing through 10 years' worth of hotel, flight and train confirmations in my email inbox and using passport stamps and also checking business and personal calendars for all international engagements. Got to to 150 trips with exact dates. I guess I can't be sure that's absolutely exhaustive, but I literally don't know of any other way to flag down anything that might have slipped through the net. I think that should work. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hello all, I'm currently going through the joy of filling out form 80 and had a bit of a shock when I cam to Part E – International travel / movements. It states the following: Have you travelled to any country other than Australia in the last 10 years? • work or study outside your usual country of residence • holiday/leisure trips • business • military deployment • visits back to your own country I did a quick inventory of just the past 6 months and arrived at 15 different overseas trips I need to document here (I travel quite a lot for work). The last 10 years is going to be challenging to archive and will represent a LOT of travel. As such, I was wondering if anyone with prior experience had any insights on the following questions: They offer a table with 5 lines only. Even using "Part T – Additional information", I will never have nearly enough room. Can I upload an Excel spreadsheet when submitting online? Or can I had extra sheets as an appendix? Any method you might suggest? I keep all my passports so can document any trip that left a stamp. Furthermore I can hunt down in my emails all flight confirmations and also Eurostar trains between Paris and London that I used to take a lot. My question is how exhaustive does this have to be? If you travel from France to Belgium on a regular basis, this will not appear on your passport and you won't even be stopped. Is it expected that all such trips be diligently documented? This requirement seems understandable in a country where you have to spend many hours on a plane to go abroad, but in other parts of the world, where you can cross borders weekly without even thinking about it, documenting every instance over 10 years seems quite daunting and unrealistic. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Alan
  3. Thanks so much for such a clear and complete answer!!
  4. Hello! I am seeking advice on my situation and would welcome all and any advice. I am a British Citizen and in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen in Hong Kong (we both work here in HK). We live together and will be getting married (outside of Australia) in 10 months. Our current tentative plans are to move to Australia in about 2 years. As such, I am thinking about applying for a 309 in the near future. There is a chance though that we may decide to stay on in Hong Kong for another 2 years or more thereafter depending on work considerations. My question is the following: if I was to receive a 309 visa, how long do I have to "use" it by entering Australia? If I was to enter Australia, just for a 2-week visit and then to return abroad and remain resident elsewhere for 2 years or more, would this invalidate the visa in any way? Is there any residency requirement once it has been attributed for it to remain valid? Thank you in advance for any advice! Alan