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  1. Any updates from the folks in the forum? TIA, Jerryl
  2. Hello all, thanks in advance for helping out. Appreciate the advice I will be traveling to Australia from Singapore starting next year on a Work Holiday Visa 462. My partner has his gotten his PR as he has been studying there for 6 years thru his degree and masters in engineering. Now he is there to set up his business. I will be quitting my job in SG and going over to help him out with his business and see if I can get accustomed to life in Australia. I am just thinking ahead, should the one year work holiday Visa is up and if I want to continue living in Australia, I am thinking of 2 options that I may have.. First, to apply for a Partner Visa under De Facto since we would qualify for the 12-month relationship criteria etc. Second, to apply for a PR under Skilled Visa. I am an engineer in the medical device industry for coming 6 years. Though, I did not graduate from an Australia Uni. Would like some advices from you guys to see which route would be safest/fastest to go with and how soon should I start to apply for either visa. Many thanks in advance, Jerryl