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  1. Nano

    PMV Wait Times

    Hi, I have a question to those who applying from USA, yesterday I got an email requesting more info which is state clearance and STATUTORY DECLARATION, this is supposed to be wittnessed and signed by who? A notary public? Please advise
  2. Nano

    PMV Wait Times

    We applied from USA, since May 2018, Med requested the next day and submitted May 12, I believe we had uploeaded everything including police clearance without them asking for it, we heard nothing so far we dont know if we even have a CO 🤷🏻‍♀️ status still Received its going to be 10 months now 😔😔
  3. Nano

    Canceling PMV 300

    Thank you for the response @Aussie_83 I know im still within the standard time frame but it was 8 months when we applied now its 13-20 and the fact that we cant do any future plans simply because we have no idea whats going to happen is just frustrating, I’ve read the requirement but i couldnt see where it says we have to be married or togather for 12 months, i know my fiance for 10 years now we were in the same college but we have never lived together its been long distance relationship we meet from time to time and we were engaged last march, so i dont know if we still have to live together for 12 months to be eligible for this visa, we are just desperate to be together and make a family asap, if it wasnt for his work as a police officer we wouldve just live somewhere else :(
  4. Nano

    Canceling PMV 300

    Hi, I have a PMV 300 in process, applied on May 2, 2018 from USA, Its been 8 months with no word from department, i dont even know if we have a CO or not, i know there are a lot of people waited more than this but we just cant deal with any more we been waiting to be together since 8 years already with no luck, now Since i have a tourist visa for 3 months with no condition of no further stay on it, I am thinking to withdraw my PMV application, go to australia, get married and then apply for 801/820 visa, what are the consequences if any? Will I be able to leave and return to australia freely with BVB, will I have medicare? considering that we have a great relationship and willing to make a family, is there a chance of refusal? Any information you help me with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Nano

    Offshore to Onshore POSSIBLE???

    Hi, can you please tell me more about changing the visa what's the benefits, im thinking od doing the same except I have a tourist visa and my fiancé want us to get married and change the visa in Australia, and stay there, is this possible?
  6. Hi, I don't know if this this the right place to post my questions, please help me clarify my mind form all concerns, So here's my situation: I live in the USA with a permanent I got engaged to my fiancé "who I knew him for years (10 years) since collage but never lived together" in March and applied for PMV in May, we had no Idea its that long process so I don't want talk about waiting and what it doing to us specially we've been waiting all these years to be together, anyway, I applied for a tourist visa 600 and I got the 3 months stay (each entry) multi entry, now my fiancé wants me to go to Australia and get married he just cant wait anymore, change our visa to a partner visa and stay there waiting with him and maybe have a child, and that means extending the visa when needed. Now is this even possible? can we change the visa without them charging us again? how about the process time do we start over again? what about my legal situation? will that effect my visa staying there? if I have a child can I get a waiver or so what called and stay there with no problem? Excuse my so many questions, but if I take this decision that means I'll have to leave everything here (my work, home, life.. etc.) and I can just come back with nothing, we also have an agent and she said all this is possible but I feel all she cares about is money every time my fiancé request an app with her she wants to charge him a $100 that why I applied for the Visa 600 myself, any advise? :(