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  1. Hope someone can help me with advice on what we can do with the following scenario My wife was granted visa 309 last September and she will need to do her first entry by September 2020. as we live and work in U.K, we won’t be able to travel to Australia due to the following reasons: 1- my wife is pregnant and the advice from the Dr is not to take the risk of being infected and stay at home 2- even if we manage to travel safely, the Australian gov.-imposed ban on all outgoing international flights for Australians and PR holders. this mean I can’t leave Australia if I reach there so, we are worried about the status of the granted visa. what shall we now? thanks in advance
  2. Hi All, The C.O called me (the sponsor) last week and asked simple and easy to answer questions. seemed to me she just wanted to make sure that we are still married. she mentioned to me that she want the PCC from UAE only then finished the conversation which we thought was all positive We received the second RFI two days ago requesting for PCC from UAE where I (sponsor) used to live 8 years ago + wedding photos with families in my wife home country We manged to get the PCC from Dubai sorted quickly but I found the second request particularly very strange. we stated in our visa application that we had signed the marriage agreement in Morocco only and got symbolic wedding in Zanzibar. we attached many photos for that wedding celebration which wasn't attended by any member of our families The above arrangement was made very clear in our visa submission. now the CO want photos for the wedding that we didn't have in Morocco with family. Any advice on how to respond to this request ? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi All, Today we received RFI - health examination only does this mean our visa is in good progress ? how long after submitting the health check will the Visa be decided ? Please share if you have any updates to your case Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone We don't have issue so far with our application but we wanted to check if anyone can advice on the current status of our application if is normal or not we lodged the application on the 17th of December 2018 and we didn't receive any email yet on allocation of C.O for us I understand most people get C.O after 4-6 weeks. any reason why we didn't get one yet ? The applicant status is further assessment and for the sponsor is submitted. is this normal ? Thank you in advance Regards
  5. Hi everyone, I hope someone able to advice us on the following situation : We applied for PV 309/100 in December 2018 and awaiting appointment of C.O. both of us living together overseas now and I (the sponsor) will be returning to Australia after two months from now, can my wife apply for Tourist Visa to stay with me while the decision is being made for Visa 309/100 ? I am sure this question was asked before as many people would be on the same position as we are now, we would appreciate if you could advise us Thank you in advance Regards
  6. Hi All, We are living overseas and we are planning to lodge online application for visa 309, we are not sure what document need to be attested by Australian embassy in the country of our residence my wife is the applicant and she got her birth certificate & Civil status ID card in French. these document got certified from the authority that issued these document. shall we translate them by a sworn translator and upload it . I couldn't find any gaudiness in the immigration website Please advice us if you can cheers
  7. Hi All, I am Australian Citizen and planning to lodge visa for my wife. I am absent from Australia for the last 8 years although I went back for visit in 2013 I still got active bank account in Australia and I never intended to live permanently anywhere else. we are outside for work only what information I have to provide to the immigration ? applying from outside Australia and were a permanent resident or citizen when you last departed Australia and you were absent from Australia continuously for more than five years Please let me know if you have any information on this Regards
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