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  1. Thanks @Aussie_83. Timeline of Relationship - 2 years. But she is in Aus and I am from overseas(working). I have uploaded form 888s of 3 of our friends and photographs of us over the 2 years while I visited in Aus and some from overseas trips, our statements and 5 questions and answers, our flight tickets, bupa medical etc. We have more evidence now as I paid for both of us and household evidence, our shared house, I am paying for internet stuff like that. 1. Can I just keep on uploading them whenever I have so-called evidence to prove ourselves? 2. Am I missing anything to upload?
  2. Thanks @Sammy & @Aussie_83 for the guidance. Just to clarify, 1. Once BVA is active do I get a new visa grant letter? Or its the same grant letter that I got during the visa submission? 2. For the passport photo submission, do I need to sign behind the photo? 3. Since we got married 2 months back, we didn't have much proof to show the officer about our relationship except our wedding certificate from India and our reception photos and some of our outings with our friends. Now we have some evidence in hand so we can keep on uploading new evidence until reaches uploading limit of 100?
  3. I have applied my visa 3 months back. I am under a visitor visa now. As mentioned in the subject, under which section do I upload joint bank details? Also, I am in Australia, and my BVA will "ACTIVE" next month. In the BVA grant letter mentioned "Active after" xxxx date. So that means I can immediately start working after that date? (Bridging visa conditions: No conditions) means I can start working right? Expecting your kind reply. And please guide me if any new laws been added recently that gonna affect me.
  4. Hi Guys, I was writing my form 80. I have following questions regarding some of the questions in the form. 1. International movements I have migrated to Singapore in 2011 to study for 3 years. After that, I did uni for another 2 years and I worked there for like 5 years. This is my background. The only travels I made was coming to Australia to meet my wife and visit family in my home town country. Question 1: Since I migrated to Singapore I can't put a "to date " for my first travel to Singapore. which falls under 10 years. What should I do here guys? Question 2: I checked my passport and some of my immigration records are faded. I searched on my email and I couldn't find my itineraries. What should I do guys? Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  5. Thanks guys. So disappointed with the outcome. Any idea how long the portal is open to upload all the evidence? Also, I have attached the requirements for Singapore police clearance. Any idea how I can obtain "Scanned documentary proof indicating that a COC is required and for what purpose" and "Original hardcopy fingerprint impressions (Optional)" ?
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks guys for the replies. Seems like all my planning went wrong. In vevo, it said my visa will expire on June 1 2019. That's why I came to Australia this late. I have asked the same issue in my previous questions like 3 months back about what possibly the complications I might face if I would like to start working immediately after my visitor visa expires, but didn't see this issue coming at all. Is there any way I can work during this time since I have loans to settle every month.. Any suggestions guys?
  7. Hi guys, I am encountering a very weird problem after I submitted my onshore partner visa today. I am currently on a visitor visa and after checked in Vevo my visa expiration date is, Visa expiry date: 01 June 2019. I received the BVA grant confirmation email right after I applied for the onshore partner visa. But in the confirmation email, it shows, Active after: Visitor ends on 26 August 2019. May I know is this correct? I am really trapped in this because I was planning to start work immediately after my visiting visa expires which is June 1, 2019. I arrived in Australia on 26 May 2019 and we are wondering if they have calculated 3 months since my arrival?
  8. Hi, I will be lodging my Partner visa (Onshore) in May last week. I was completing my form 80. By the time I apply for the visa, I will be already in Australia under the visiting visa. I have the following doubts regarding the form 80. 1. Question 25/Further Stay (What is your main reason for remaining in Australia) - I have no clue what to fill in here, because am confused with the word "Further stay" 2. Question 19/ Employment - After I graduated I was working in some restaurants and 7/11 as a parttime waiter. How do I mention these timelines in this section? 3. Question 6 (Do you currently have any citizenship from any country and Date I gained this citizenship) - Here I give my Date of birth or the date of issue of my birth certificate? Thanks in advance guys.
  9. 1. Ohh sorry for miscommunication guys. I was just asking whether the new law is already in place or not. I did not hear from anyone. 2. Sure am coming 5 days prior to my visiting visa expire. Thanks guys
  10. Hi @AFV & @Aussie_83, Thanks a lot for all the guidance guys.. I have some serious doubts today to confirm with you guys. 1. The new changes (Sponsor need to apply for another application and get approved first) is already in place? 2. Am planning to lodge my onshore partner visa on May end and my visit visa will expire on June, thinking I will get my BVA the same day I apply for the visa. Am I right to say so? means I will get my BVA same day I apply for the visa? 3. Am currently in Singapore until this week and I will be off to India, is there anything that I can do meanwhile until I reach Australia on May end regarding the visa application? Can't wait to hear from you.
  11. Hi @AFV, Thank you so much for your guidance. Planning to do as you said (Fill in the form offshore way and change the radio button once I arrive Oz). I have a huge disturbing doubt today, I have read this topic "http://www.australianvisaforum.com/topic/10863-changes-to-australian-partner-visas-sponsors/" and it's haunting my nights the moment I read this. Because of this am planning to come Oz asap may be on April and going to lodge my visa and planning to stay in BVA (with tourist visa benefits). I have the following doubts, 1. Any idea when this new law coming into place? Like before June? 2. If let's say this law coming into place tomorrow, while she is waiting for her sponsor approval, can I stay in a tourist visa in Oz? 3. Will there be any bridging visa while she is waiting for the sponsor approval if my visiting visa expried during that time frame? 4. Will there be any impact on existing applications if the new law is in place? 5. Any idea what are the documents needed for the sponsorship application (PC or MC)? Any suggestions from my side what should I do? Shall I just wait until June (My tourist visa expiry) or I do it ASAP?
  12. Thanks a lot for the advice @AFV, I have checked in VEVO and I have 2 visa conditions 8101 and 8201. No 8503. I can't proceed to step 5 to submit my details. I was filling the form from Singapore and also asked my fiance to try it from her end. Both trials didn't work. change your location to outside of Australia and see if you can progress past the point where you have hit this obstacle - Tried and able to proceed. But then the application will become offshore right? So I complete all the fields now and when I arrive in Australia I just change the radio button to "Yes am applying from Australia" is that what you meant? May I know what possibly going wrong here? can the system detect if I'm applying for an onshore visa from outside Australia based on the passport details I have given?
  13. Hi @Aussie_83, @AFV, Thanks a lot guys for the helpful pieces of advice. I have few doubts today. Please help to advice me 1. Is it ok for me to start work on my temporary visa (Subclass 820) now from Singapore and I submit the final application/payment while I arrive in Australia? Because I cannot continue on the visa form and getting the following errors One of the following issues is preventing this application from continuing: The applicant has a previous visa cancellation or refusal. The applicant does not hold an appropriate visa. The applicant has a condition on the current visa. The applicant's location cannot be confirmed. The applicant will not be able to continue. The applicant should review the eligibility information on our website. 2. I was filling the online form, then I came across this following question. Am holding visiting visa now, and planning to lodge the application when I arrive in Australia. which answer should I choose here? "Yes" or "No"? Is visiting visa a substantive visa? or only bridging visas are considered as substantive visa? Substantive visa Is the applicant currently holding a substantive visa? YES/NO Thanks a lot in advance..
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