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  1. Awesome feedback. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Such a huge help!!
  2. Hey guys I am an Australian citizen by birth and naturalized US citizen. My husband us a US citizen. We have 2 children and have lived together in th US for 15yrs. We are now planning to pack up here and move to Australia to be close to my family. It seems like it should be a simple process and easy to provide all supporting documentation of our relationship. Because we are living abroad we are applying for 309 for him. We are applying for citizenship by descent for our children. Any one have a similar story? Looking for any tips, high level summary or the timeline we should expect, required documentation and any road blocks we might hit. Does the “processing time” estimate start after you first submit? Or once all documents are submitted? Anyone know? Also any tips on shipping containers and customs? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! So much to do. Thank you in advance. So excited for this next chapter. -speeds