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  1. rock747

    Form 888 validity period

    That was really helpful. Thank you
  2. rock747

    Form 888 validity period

    Hi guys, i will like to know, is there any validity period for the form 888 , form 80 or sponsor declaration form prior to the time of lodgement for partner visa 309/100?
  3. Hi Pls can anyone tell me how long the police validity check is for.. is it 6months or 12months
  4. rock747

    Supporting witnesses in 47 SP n 40SP

    Hi, thanks for your post and the answers too.. i had a similar question and youve resolved it. But i want to know, after filling the 47sp form, do i click submit straight away or pay before clicking submit . i want to know when the payment is done for the visa .
  5. rock747

    Partner Visa application Fee

    Hi, So am applying for the partner visa 309/100, and I have gotten to the last stage where it says ready to submit (please look at the screenshot ), but i know we have to attach documents to the application and also pay the visa fee. I want to know do i pay the visa fee before i click the submit button And also i will like to know the two witness i provide in the application form, should they be the same people to fill the declaration form Thanks