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  1. Peterengli

    Offshore visa application

    Hi! Thanks for all the imput. At this stage we are applying for a medical visa, some complications are developing with the pregnancy. I havve a visa agent on it. I will keep you updated. Hoping her TR is approved soon and she will possibly have to head to Thailand to get it issued after bub is born. We have fantastic family support so as stressful as it will be for my wife to be away from our baby it will have to be done. They are saying its usually 5 days offshore for issue but we will cross that bridge at the time. Cheers to everyone
  2. Peterengli

    Offshore visa application

    Aussie_83 my wife didn't really have a preference untill she started seeing doctors etc here. She is amazed at the level of care here. Due to circumstances i guess she is getting more than average care. The doctor does an ultrasound each visit and also the hospital does as well. Though she is starting to feel like a pin cushion poor woman. She is amazed at the clarity of the ultrasound and while her english is very good she gets a bit confused with the medical terms so the have an interpreter for her. So her preference is to have our daughter here. But as a Thai she understands it will be what it will be lol
  3. Peterengli

    Offshore visa application

    Aussie_83 no offense taken. I was more worried about the timing. We had kind of given up tbh. There are complications and they may have to induce her early so just a little bit stressed.
  4. Peterengli

    Offshore visa application

    She is being reassessed by the doctor next week but unless there has been a change (unlikely) there will be further documentation submitted.
  5. Peterengli

    Offshore visa application

    In an ideal world her visa grant would hapoen in the next few weeks and a short holiday would sort it but due to a few complications this might become an issue
  6. Peterengli

    Offshore visa application

    Immigration has been notified of her pregnancy. And supporting documents have been supplied to immigration.
  7. Peterengli

    Offshore visa application

    Aussie_83 we very much wanted a child. We had a couple of false alarms even before she arrived here. Both of us want a family and my wife hasn't been married or had any children. This WAS NOT done to fast track any visa applications. The timing was just unfortunate for visa times. We were thinking it wasnt hoing to happen to be honest.
  8. Peterengli

    Offshore visa application

    Her visa doesn't have a 8503 condition. As yet we don't have a case manager. The problem is her not being permitted to fly due to pregnancy. The plan was to go to Thailand for a holiday if/when the visa is granted. I wasn't sure if there was provision for this circumstance. All we have been told is that the consideration period is coming to the end (not sure what that means?)
  9. Peterengli

    Offshore visa application

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the following scenario. My wife is from Thailand and we have applied for a spouse visa on the 31st January 2018 (309. Offshore). She has been was granted a 12 month multiple entry tourist visa. Arrived on the 2nd March 18. She is now pregnant. No this was not a timed thing as we have been trying for a baby for many months before she arrived in Australia (many trips to Thailand for me). She is now nearly 28 weeks pregnant. The problem is that her tourist visa expires on the 2 march 19 and her due date is 13 march 19. I have read that with an Offshore visa you must leave for it to be granted? I have also read that she cant apply for a bridging visa? All paperwork is in but we are still awaiting a decision. Anyone who has experienced this and what was the outcome? Thanks