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  1. Kat1234

    Sponsor error message

    Hi everyone, I have an queries , we are going to apply partner visa 309 , the applicant have just finished 27pages of the e-form and not yet yet submit and now sponsor is going to fill out the e-form , however we are now encounter on page 4 after provide sponsor information , there’s an error “ The related application details provided cannot be verified , check the details and amend if message. The applicant will not able and should review the eligibility information on our website” we have checked the information is all correct , so not sure how can we move on . anyway had encountered same experience and please kindly advise. thanks
  2. Kat1234

    Certified document

    Hi need someone for help my husband and I is going to apply a partner visa however there’s so much information and we wouldn’t clear off , below are our queries 1) can you stated what kind of copies need to be certify from sponsor and application ? 2) shall we collect all documents include the certified copy before we move on for the application through online ? 3) is the stat declaration- can be done by our friends , does it require to be Australian ?1 for spouse and 1 for applicant 4) if for the document notary (certified copy) the person who notarise is it to be an Australian , and work in one of the occupation which required ? if we both don’t know any of Australian who work in those profession , shall we do a notarise through local lawyer ?